Pan For Gold

Look for life’s beauty in every pan of water. Marvel at how much you have and how much you have been given.

Life may sometimes seem harsh or unforgiving. We feel down or unloved. It may be hard to see the better times or a happy ending to any of our stories. If our concern is short-lived it is easier to hang in there. However, there may be hardships or turmoil that last a year or more. It is then that we need to resist the urge to feel negative and hopeless.

What you say to yourself is very important in these times. If we think negative and helpless thoughts, we find it more difficult to cope. The cycle feeds upon itself and we find ourselves becoming more depressed.

Many life changes may occur during a bout of depression. Weight gain or loss is very common. Your relationships may suffer. You may be less likely to make it in to work or to get to your son’s baseball game. You may also allow your appearance to suffer or leave medical problems go unchecked.

Something that God has prescribed are positive affirmations. Make time to practice saying good and loving things to yourself. Leave reminders at home, at work, in the car…Pick up your mood and resist the urge to focus on what is broke or injured.

Even during a serious illness you may promote better health by being patient and loving to yourself. Celebrate even the small milestones. It would be like giving yourself a pep talk. After all, no one takes better care of you, than you.

Another popular idea is to go on a rampage of appreciation! Say to yourself how thankful you are all through out the day. Find all manner of things to be thankful for and say it like you mean it. You can’t help but smile during this thankful-fest.

Wake up and be thankful for another day. Express gratitude for your spouse and your child(ren). Give thanks for your pet and all the company they give to you. Thank God for a wonderful breakfast. Be appreciative for your car, bus and taxi. Be pleased with what you chose to wear today. Do this for as long as you need to, as long as you can smile.

What if you are disabled or chronically ill. Or you are jobless or homeless. Finding your love for God is even more important. Find the hope that things will get better. Plan for better times and days when you feel less ill. Look for the sun, the birds, the flowers…God gives us a bounty of gifts each and every day.

Say beautiful things to yourself. Fight the blues with funny pictures or cute stories. Re-read that book that made your heart swell to overflowing. Look at photo albums of when times were happy and bright. Watch one of those movies that has you belly laugh for the entire time.

Even medical science believes that laughter is beneficial to health and healing.  Self-care is your responsibility. Do a wonderful job of taking care of you. Keep a watchful eye on your mood. If you notice the gloom closing in again, stop it right away and respond with positive affirmations and an abundance of joy. 

Make each day of this life precious and worth living. If you master the art of self-care through love and faith then you may volunteer to teach others how to do the same. You are here to overcome a large variety of difficult situations. Share your faith and hope. You have learned to be positive and heal your heartache so teaching another how, would be a bonus. Be the student then advance to being the teacher. This is God’s way.

Oh, look! There is a nugget of gold in your pan. Lucky you.

God loves you more then you love yourself,



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