10 Steps to Ascension

As we have said in the past, Evelyn will make her direction simple and easy to follow. The “list” format is well received by the visitors of this blog. Here is another such list. Enjoy!

We from the Other Side hope and pray for your ascension. We place many lessons in your path to strengthen and improve your connection to the Divine. The important thing to remember is that we charted our earth lives and we intended to grow and mature. If life were too easy there would be little learned.

This is difficult to grasp when truly terrible things happen. It is your right to handle these events as you see fit but We wish that you gain faith and clarity as well.

This list is designed to give you tangible directions in which to improve your life and your perception of the events which occur. Knowledge is always the goal and ascension is what results.

1. Remember that this life is fleeting. You and your loved ones are only here for a brief time. 80 years is actually very little in the scope of your entire soul-life. Despite how you may feel, torment is more short-lived than it feels. Coping and assimilation are the key to advancement.

2. Faith is at the core of your growth and development. To BELIEVE that the turmoil in this life is for your greater good is an important truth. Any storm may be weathered with faith.

3. Family are the people who “signed on” to be your co-travelers. You knew each other on the Other Side and you decided to work together to meet both individual and group goals. It is as if you came to earth with a team of players and a game plan. Your goals may overlap since much of your life will mirror each others.

4. Hope is at the center of your needs. Hope is closely related to faith. With hope you move forward and take the results in stride. Without hope we would have no reason to move forward and attain any goal.

5. Competition is at odds with your Divine self. It is fine to seek your goals and set new ones. Or, lightly compete as long as everyone is a winner. We do not suggest aggressive competition at the expense of others. This is a dark venture with no positive impact upon your soul.

6. Money is a by-product, not a goal! Your goals are more lofty and expansive. Think of your higher self sitting down to write a plan of ascension. Money has NO place on this list. It is not that money is evil or unnecessary but your soul growth is more about strength, determination, faith, charity and self-actualization.

7. Trust yourself. Know that your soul is always working for your betterment. Sometimes you have to “go with your gut.” Or, stick with your first impression. We set goals before coming into this life and our soul knows these goals intimately. It is like having an internal navigation system. Trust and have faith in you!

8. Gather all of your experiences together and find the themes. See what you have yet to address and set aside some goals that you already reached. Do you find it difficult to trust? Do you lack self-esteem? Do you behave aggressively? Are you always looking for the wrong romantic partner? Find your themes and take steps to resolve what seems to be holding you back.

9. Make time to worship. Pray, meditate, walk in nature, paint, write, take photos…Find God and connect more efficiently to Mother Earth. It makes your life more meaningful to realize that there is so much more. Your being is eternal. You have a Divine purpose. You came into this life with a list of accomplishments needing to be achieved. Honor God and honor yourself. 

10. Celebrate! All of us are beautiful and successful. We grow, nurture and improve ourselves. One lifetime adds and evolves into another lifetime. We learn and raise ourselves up each time. Ascension! How much have you learned since this incarnation began? Mountains of knowledge! You’ve gotten it exactly right!

Go forward today and every day. Gather each lesson and acknowledge God’s touch upon your life. Ascend to your rightful place in all of Creation. The more you understand this process of learning, the quicker your progress.

Life becomes lighter, with more ease, as you rise up out of the grey. Your ascension brings you closer to God. The joy and celebration is like none other, for it is your soul that prospers.

We All Advance Together,


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  • Katrina  On March 20, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Very lovely, I truly enjoyed this, thank you

  • VIOLETA  On March 21, 2012 at 5:22 am

    I loved her words in this reading. They are truly reassuring. And wise. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • wellspring0fgodslove  On April 12, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    Wonderful response! We all need to contemplate and choose what we take into our being. I enjoy that my content is included in the realm of possibilities. That is truly a compliment.

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