Letting Go of Our Loved Ones Passed

Evelyn has been communicating with me for a few days about a young lady that we have in our following. She is in her older 20’s and has a short name of 4-5 letters. She has lost 4 family members suddenly, likely a motor vehicle accident.

The concern is that she has not let go of them and they are not able to cross over. Her grief and fear is holding them here and they are not able to ascend properly. Evelyn is truly concerned and hopes that this post will assist her in letting them go.

There are 4 people attached to her by an etheric cord to the upper right side of the back of her head. They are attached in a line with the first soul being the person who was closest to her in life. I believe it is her sister. Behind her is her sister’s husband and then there are 2 children behind him.

There is much sadness and fear. Our young lady is clinging to their presence and fears letting them go. She believes that if she lets them go they will forever be caught up in a dimension of uncertainty. She fears that since they passed unexpectedly in a car accident that they are not destined for Heaven. She believes it was a true accident and that makes their afterlife uncertain.

Our lady has not moved on with her own life either. She is frozen in grief and fear. She has not made any progress or advancement in her own life since the time of the crash. She feels that by holding this personal vigil that she is keeping them safe from hell.

The first thing to remember is that life is charted before we enter this earth incarnation. This accident was charted and this young family wanted others to learn from extreme sadness and loss. They wanted their families to suffer from intense grief but then to accept and find comfort in the fact that they have moved on to the Other Side and are making progress in the afterlife.

They intended to rejoin God and to help their families heal by moving them toward acceptance and faith.

This young lady is not allowing any movement of her lost loved ones. She is blocking any spiritual advancement that was intended by this young family. She really needs to see the error of her thinking and allow them to go toward the Light.

Her fears are not helping them. She is actually making their deaths meaningless by not allowing the process to be completed. She has the entire young family frozen in her own fear.

Please help her release these loved ones. Send her love and White Light. Allow to accept her fears as her own and not grounded in truth. This young family needs to complete their earth life so that they may advance into a higher existence.

Say a prayer for this young woman. Help her to recognize that this is truly a story about her. Encourage her to seek help. Once she realizes that ths is about her she may contact me through the email address and allow Evelyn and myself to help her release her loved ones so that they may complete their charts.

Send love and understanding. 

In Love, As Always,




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