The Beginning of a Technology Explosion!

Welcome to the new dawn. We have much to be thankful for in this auspicious year. There are many grand displays of human ingenuity in this time of celestial energy.

We will not be held down as a species. We continue to develop new and creative ways to provide for ourselves.

Many of you are focused upon food products and improving health and nutrition. 

Many more are developing ways to curb and cure a vast array of illnesses that man may succumb to. There are giant milestones being made in treating diabetes and heart disease. We will see these new treatments released to the public in the next 2-3 years.

We are putting off aging by a multiple of years. Humans are living longer and healthier. There are giant strides being made in treating and curing Alzheimer’s and many other cognitive impairing medical conditions. 

As we age we are placing more effort into physical conditioning and disease prevention. We will continue to live longer, healthier lives. There will be a focus upon disease prevention instead of treatment. Medical science would rather prevent disease than just treat it. This is a proactive approach that our Divine Guides fully agree with.

Homes will be changing soon. We will all have access to solar energy products and renewable energy products as well. Our homes will be safer and more self sustainable. We will block the sun’s rays from damaging anything inside our homes all while using solar energy to meet our home’s energy needs.  

Water will be used and re-used. Cleanliness will be our top priority. Our homes and public buildings will be equipped with self-sustaining water filters and cleaners. It will all be so much simpler than anyone realizes.

Multiple-family residences will be updated and improved. Apartment buildings will have ingenious systems to handle water, garbage, heat, cooling and communication. We will feel like we are living in a space station but it will all be available to families of varied incomes.  

Employment will be changed greatly. Many of us will work from home. Others will have more flexibility in their work hours and work locations. Consumerism will be advanced beyond our expectations. There will be new age bosses and new age employees. Also we will be able to work longer and be more productive as we age due to the advances in medicine. 

The most important thing is we will be connected to other people easily and affordably. The interpersonal technology will improve vastly. Much will be done to link parents and their children. There will be nearly instant monitoring and communication capabilities.

This may sound like “Big Brother” but there will be legislation to protect people’s privacy.

Many things in our daily life will be available for immediate use. We will communicate with work, school, medical offices and businesses quickly and easily.

The most important task will be to remain grounded. These technological advances are not to take the place of caring for elders or children. We are still obligated to be spouses, family, friends and community members.

Technology should not take the place of our learning and growth. We still have an obligation to be spiritual and caring people. 

2012 is an exciting time. Try to keep yourself grounded and centered. There will be exciting breakthroughs in many areas of study.

Connect yourself to God and Mother Earth. This is merely the beginning of the next age of enlightenment.

Prosper and be well,


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