Energy Shifts and New Directions

Is there more upheaval in your life than just the weather?

Have some relationships shifted severely?

Do your parent/child relationships seem like they have reversed?

Are you now a caregiver where you had once been the cared for?

Are you supporting people who once had the task of supporting you?

Amazing isn’t it? There are strong changes in the flow of energy. Where the energy once flowing in a certain direction it is now flowing backward. Lows are now highs and vice versa.

How may you use this to your advantage? Work with it. Pump up your energy reserves and go in a new direction. Excel at things that may have once been a challenge to you. Run instead of walk. Swing instead of spin. Send your love gushing out into the Universe!

The barricades have blown over. The walls have collapsed. The once shallow stream is now deep and purposeful.

Set some goals and journey forward. Notice the shackles that lie in your path behind you. Everything that once stood in your way is now taken back into the earth.

In fact, don’t even look back anymore. Look ahead and relish the new destinations that your heart has just imagined!

Brush off the tethers of the past. Let loose any damage from bad relationships or money mistakes. Forgive everyone that did not knowingly harm you.

Move forward only. Greet each day with the brightest smile and boundless energy. 

Move, as God does move. Worship, as sincerely blessed people worship. Honor your family and your home. Give back to Mother Earth and enjoy your freedom to learn and to love.

Sing and dance. Take all of the limitations and injuries that you have already accumulated and marvel at how easily you may overcome their pain and limitations. These disabilities may hold you back no more.

Thank God for all the bumps and bruises you have collected along the way for you now know that they are truly minimal and meaningless. In fact, they enhance your beauty because now we all know how you have bravely overcome all obstacles and wear the wounds as medals of honor.

Acknowledge your journey and set sail for more. Achieve the goals of your own wishes and intent and let God be your Savior, as it should be.

Enjoy your new existence in God and in strength,


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  • Katrina  On March 5, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    This is very meaningful for me, I had very prophetic dreams last night and then an omen this morning right after I woke up. Thank you for using your gifts to help others. Even healers need healing sometimes.

  • wellspring0fgodslove  On April 3, 2012 at 8:02 pm

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    On that page check the box “block all email updates from blogs you are following on”.

    From there you can probably sign up for more blogs but avoid mine! Sorry for the hassle.


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