Changes Are Coming

There is definitely change coming. Many will experience fear and possibly panic. If you experience dramatic changes this year take pause and remember that this was charted by you and it is a grand gesture to get you moving in the right direction.

If you have left your path of soul growth and enlightenment then this realignment is what you need.

Do not stand frozen in fear. Look around and find those open doors that you hadn’t seen before. Life has been trying to shift you back to a spiritual life for quite some time now, and you have resisted the clues. Now, you will not be able to ignore what changes you have to make to your current lifestyle. You will have no choice. 

Seek balance and be more grounded. Focus again upon home and hearth. Cherish family and make ample time to worship Our Creator and all of our Heavenly Hosts.

It is ok to cut back on spending and luxury items. Develop a well-rounded budget and make time for the simple joys of this earth life.

How do you feel about the banker who finds it difficult to survive on $350,000 a year? Does that sound amazing? Do you say to yourself how you could live a very exceptional life on that amount of money?

When you look at your budget, remember the banker. Be resourceful and thrifty. How many of your “needs” are outside of reasonable?

Plan. Have fun. Find free or low-cost things to do and relish the freedom that you have! Those doors that God has opened for you are still there. You may return your focus to soul growth at any time and look for them.

Freedom feels good. Reduce your dependence upon  a lot of unnecessary things.

Love is free. The nurturing you feel from God is free. Pride and inner strength are absolutely free. 

Find the high road again and make your place at the table of God.

Beside you in faith and love,


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