Enjoy the Bounty of 2012

Where do you go from here? Anywhere you wish.

This year is one of great change and limitless energy. If you open up to the energy you may achieve many things that you have longed for.

Does success make you nervous? Do you feel prosperity coming and you unintentionally block it from reaching you? Many of us do just that!

Sure we have grown up with fear of failure but there is another powerful emotion known as fear of success. How could we not want more of what makes us happy? What purpose does this fear serve? Absolutely none.

Another term applicable here is “sabotage.” We derail our success by strategically placing blocks and barriers in the way. Why? Because we feel unworthy of the good things in life.

Obviously, there are some concerns at work here from your childhood or young adulthood. There are many books on the subject or find a support group. Counseling is a great solution. Someone may help you by recognizing what you are doing to sabotage your success and you may discover what your motivation is.

Did or does someone tell you that “you would never amount to anything.” Or that you are “worthless” or “pitiful.” Was a sibling favored over you? Did you remind your mother of your father and it just so happens that she hates your father?  

It is a great relief when you finally realize that no one should have ever made you feel so bad about yourself. It was actually their own depression or their own dismal life that caused them to say such things to you. You actually didn’t deserve any of it.

Was there alcohol, drugs or violence in your home while you were growing up? These conditions create dysfunctional spousal and parent/child relationships. Again, none of this was your responsibility.

Find forgiveness for what you believe about yourself that isn’t true. That voice in your head that puts you down isn’t even your own. You may think it sounds like you, but it actually began with someone else who decided to make you feel lower and more worthless than they did about themselves.

Find the answers. Ask the questions. There are books and support groups everywhere that may help you make changes to your damaged self-worth.

Release the lies and manufactured blame. Allow God to love you as deeply as your actual true value is. Partake of this bold and stimulating energy that is currently bathing the earth.

Reach for and grasp the success that you deserve. Let no one single you out as unworthy or invaluable. Keep from blocking what is rightfully yours.

God looks at no one and states that they are unworthy. Humans do that. We hurt others because somehow it boosts our own feelings of worth. The truth is it never works that way. The people who have harmed you still did not gain any benefit from causing you to cry. It darkened their soul as it should have.

Enjoy the bounty of 2012. Let loose the binds that unfairly hold you back. Dream and prosper. Enjoy the good life and spread words of love.

It is as God had intended,



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  • Katrina  On March 1, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    This is a great post, something many people don’t realize is even calm, loving families sometimes put wrong ideas in their children. My dad was very loving and protective, but he always told me I didn’t need a college degree and many other things that to him equated to strength, success and independence because I’m a woman and women were to be weak and submissive. This really messed me up for many years and it was a true struggle to overcome his influence. This is a wonderful topic.

    • wellspring0fgodslove  On March 2, 2012 at 2:05 pm

      Thank you for your comment!

      I grew up in a dysfunctional home and had to overcome all of the damage. You make such a good point. Your father acted out of love but it was misleading.

      But truly, you are stronger because of it. You wouldn’t be blogging such beautiful content if you hadn’t made your way through some conflict or negative circumstances. I believe that we know true happiness because we have known true unhappiness.

      Love & Light!

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