10 Goals for Living a Balanced Life

Love lies as shallow as your intentions or as deep as your longing.

We long for more out of life and we push to have more and to be more. Do we have the goals for our needs established? Or, do we just want and need?

This is a reminder to set some goals for your life. We would like to see short-term goals and long-term goals. This is a guideline and you are free to establish your own priorities if you wish.

1. Income- Be reasonable. Don’t ask to be a millionaire if that doesn’t fit with what you have accomplished with your life. Set a goal within your means. If you currently make $20k then set a goal to make $25k this year. Then, look for ways to make that additional money to meet your goal. 

2. Education- If you need a degree or a higher degree to make that extra income then set the goal to make it happen. If you still need to work focus on night classes or internet degrees and decide how many credits that you will earn per year. Will you seek a promotion where you already work or will you seek a position elsewhere?

3. Lover- Someone to love. No abuse, anger or violence. No co-dependency. If you need counseling to change some of your relationship concerns then please do so. Do not cling to someone who is not healthy for you. Many people fear being alone but God prefers that you be loved and cherished in a healthy, non-abusive relationship.

4. Family- Love is always the most important emotion to share. Be open and honest. Give support and guidance. Be a gentle place to always find acceptance.

5. Community Involvement- Donate, volunteer, be an activist. Get moving and make something better. Setting goals for this are endless. You may touch upon many areas of interest at different times. Be sure to set both short-term and long-term goals. 

6. Leader- Start something that provides others with knowledge and information that you already have. Or, assist someone who already has a group started. Sharing your passion with others is an exhilarating experience. 

7. Guide- Allow others to share what is in your heart. Emotion accompanies what you have to give. They feel your devotion and sense your soul. This is best described as giving others a blueprint about how to improve their lives through faith and knowing. 

8. Involved Parent- Whether it is your own children or not decide upon a path of guidance and direction. Be open and positive. Make growing up seem like fun! Always allow for mistakes and be gentle when things go wrong.

9. Caregiver- It could be a child, parent or grandparent. It may even be a spouse who is ill. Learn to set your own needs aside. Provide love and understanding. Do not become over tired or exhausted. Seek help from others in this person’s life if it becomes too much for you. If you have to step back, try not to feel guilty or judge yourself too harshly. God is forgiving and so are you.

10. Faithful Follower- Worship God! Love others. Provide direction and guidance to those who seem lost. Always have the best intentions when sharing your faith.

Set goals and stay on track! You’ll be surprised at how many people will cherish your involvement.

With My Love and the Love of Our Father,


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