The Fork in the Road, Part II

We have had such a blessed experience that “The Fork in the Road” has caused many readers to comment about it. This truly brings joy to our working relationship between Lisa and myself, Evelyn.

Here is an apt follow-up to answer what you would find most beneficial to your quest for enlightenment.

The fork in the road refers to the path that you had come to this earth-plane to follow and the path that you find yourself on since being pressured by earth’s negativity.

It is thought that you may continue upon the path of self-nurturing and at some point include your intended path of enlightenment. Be successful and then seek the Light. With greater resources, you and those you love may follow the Divine Path easier since you won’t be worried about losing your current lifestyle.

It matters more that you choose the path to your higher self at any time. It is far better to shift to your divine path before leaving this plane. The greater tragedy would be if you never sought  enlightenment at all. 

Will you be punished if you continue to seek wealth and power? Not likely. You would return to Other Side and  realize your mistake. You would be met with a list of accomplishments toward the higher good that you either did not complete or tried but left unfinished.

This would be left to you to realize the unintended shift of your focus. Then you would make a decision about how to again address your goals either by another incarnation or by studying on the Other Side.

Does God want you to address your charted goals in this life? Yes. Does God want you to focus less upon yourself and more about others? Yes. Does God want charity to be a part of your life? Yes.

Does God want you to live for yourself and no one other than yourself? No.

These are simple facts. If you have not shifted your focus to taking care of family, friends and community there is still plenty of time. Start anywhere.

Please do not perpetuate a dysfunctional relationship with any one. It is not a goal that God has intended for you to ENABLE anyone else and not allow them to seek enlightenment for themselves. If you unfairly support someone they will not learn to seek God or independence. You are doing them no good in relation to their goals to become their higher selves.

Meditate. Look for balance in anything that you do. Too much of one thing is unhealthy. Seek to worship in balance with action. Love grows stronger with a focus upon God and others.

Your life will grow and bloom as you step outside of your self-protective state. Be active and passionate. Find more people to love and to respect.

Nurture that part of you that behaves as God behaves. Love all who God loves. Support all the growth that God would support.

Blend together both paths that you have found when you came upon the fork in the road. Be successful and seek enlightenment.

Remember that time when, after you have gone home, you look upon your chart to see what you had accomplished and what you had left undone. It is your responsibility alone. It is your choice to seek your own Divinity or leave it untouched.

How will you feel while standing there in the Light? What about your life will stand out the most? What direction did you choose and why?

Be grounded and balanced. Seek the direction of God and make those necessary changes a little at a time. Grow wholesome and enriched. Be those changes that you want to see in the world. 

Blend together the successful life AND the life devoted to others.

Be well and Be God,


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