If Not Obama, If Not Now

There are many followers who are concerned about Obama winning the next election. This is probably one of the most debated topics on this site. Many people would rather someone else would win.

I may be interpreting this wrong but I sense that Obama will be re-elected. However, no psychic is ever %100 right.

As I have stated in the past, sometimes spirit gives you inaccurate information in order to push you into action. If you don’t want Obama re-elected then it is time to get out there and support the person that you want elected. Get moving, make a difference. 

If you don’t make any effort then you can’t say that you made any difference. Wishful thinking does not decide an election.

Obama is mid-chart for his presidency. There are many more things that he will attempt to achieve in the next 4 years. Some of it will be very positive. Some of it will get shot down just like any bi-partisan effort might.

If you do not get involved in this election then make plans to become involved in the next. The “Monday Quarterback” mindset will only work so many times before you are prompted to actually become involved in the real election process.  

If you don’t attempt to change anything then what changes will you see? Changes made by other people. You will have made yourself ineffectual.

Don’t give away your rights. Don’t give up your desire to have positive growth occur in our country. See this process through to the end and make plans to be more involved in the future.

It is so easy to sit and twiddle your thumbs and WISH for change but it does not accomplish anything.

Always remember that any life chart is open to free will. Many of the current participants in this Presidential Election may decide to change their direction for a myriad of reasons.  Any of us may throw a wrench into our own chart and it is very possible that the candidates may make some unplanned decisions.

Keep informed and make decisions that resonate with your soul. Pay attention to how you feel once you have made your choice. If you feel positive and content, then it was the right decision. Try your best not to think and re-think every decision that you make. Go with your first choice and ground yourself in the gut reaction that you received because of it. 

Make changes to your world by being involved.

All of My Love and See You at the Polls,


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