Love as God Loves

Love settles into all open spaces. Let no walls or barriers keep love from reaching you wherever you go.

Have you learned to love all others even if they are different in size, shape and color? One area that we humans find difficult to overlook is homosexuality and differences in religion. Why is this so? Who has God ever said to “Please do not love this soul because…”

Not once. Have we no compassion? The person who is very different from us is the one person who needs our acceptance the most. How do we say that we believe in God, BUT…

This is our test. We are pressed to look at others AND still feel love for them. We may not want to be close friends with them but we must not wish ill upon them either.

The best outcome for your lifetime is to have more acceptance for those who are very different from you, than what your parents had. Make each generation more loving, caring and open-minded.

Then, encourage your children to be more open than you. Do not chastise your child, friend or neighbor into being  judgmental and disproving. Value their receptivity and seek to join them in loving more broadly.

We all want our privacy. We wouldn’t want anyone to judge us for what happens within our homes so why is it ok to criticize others for their preferences? It isn’t.

God loves all of us without abandon. We are the essence of God so our goal would be to love all of our neighbors and think well of them. It is ok to not be personal friends but do not stand in the way of their enlightenment. They are exactly who they came here to be and so are you.

Love yourself. Love others. Above all love God and seek to be as enlightened as your higher self may be.

Judge not.


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