You are Important to Us

The road to ascension is paved with actions that are done for others. We find many reasons to avoid community service but many of those reasons may sound a little thin or forced.

We sit back and count our blessings but what about the blessings needed by others? It is ok to keep it simple. Any attempt to help others in your community is better than no effort at all.

Start small and build up your comfort with this new role of public benefactor. Many have asked out loud about what your life purpose is and this is one very important aspect of that.

Just think, if we donate some time or money and others are encouraged to spend a little time or money. This will build upon itself and create a lasting impact. It would be a “movement” of sorts and you would be in on the ground level. That would make your heart soar! You would step forward and be accountable for knowing what your divine path involves. This is not the only thing on your path but it is an important one.

As we gather at the center of human and earthly health we will pass along the knowledge that we have gained and others will be inspired to build upon it. How many times have you had the conversation lately about the time shift and energy influx? You have a working knowledge of these events and you are sharing this knowledge with others. This means that you are already a leader and a teacher for this New Age. Congratulations!

See how simple it is? Your enlightenment feeds the souls of others on their path to enlightenment. This is already a movement and you are an important part of it.

Continue to seek answers to God’s Will and the Energy Shift of 2012. Have those conversations with those who seem open to spiritual direction. Their life will have gained depth and understanding and you will have fulfilled God’s expectation for you to teach and to lead! How wonderful!

Awaken to the new direction that your life is taking. With an open heart and an open mind we will all move closer to our Divine Purpose. Just by reading these words you are seeking greater knowledge about your world. Keep this process going and make certain that you recognize when you have achieved something important and note-worthy.

How lucky we are to be the leaders of this new era in the existence of our Earth.

Love begets love. Hope begets hope. Honor begets honor. We will usher in a new age just by being open to the wonders of God and the Divine.

You are welcome here, in this place of leadership. You have a divine purpose and you will never be left without the loving attention of our Creator.

Go forth with grace,



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