The New Wave

As luck would have it, we are entering into a new phase of this enlightened period. There are fresh waves of Divine Energy being sent to us from above. 

We may feel it as another level of awakening. If one had not been awakened with the last flush of profound energy then perhaps they will sense this one more and begin upon their path to becoming their higher selves.  

This is a process of gathering enlightened souls together so that we may connect with larger numbers of humans at the same time. You may have noticed the push already in your meditation circles, mediumship classes, healing events and prayer circles.

WE are bringing those of like-mind ever closer together. You will state in the next few weeks that the world is truly much smaller than you realized. You will have contact with healers in Japan and Australia. Seers in England and Mexico will communicate with each other. The world will become very small and profoundly vast, all at the same time!

Go where your intuition tells you to. Connect with others through chat groups and forums. Read the newsletter that appears to be about healing and love. Search for blogs about enlightenment and ascension.

Gather together with others who understand your search and add to the wealth of your knowledge. Share your healing energy with souls you immediately recognize as similar to you. Enjoy the company! Have you ever made so many new friends so easily?

The one thing to remember is to stay grounded. You will fare much better against the waves of energy if you are not floating freely.

If you are not grounded, the energy will hit you and be diffused instead of being taken in and being blended with your already heightened perception. Use this Divine Light for your highest and best intentions. Grow, nurture and BE the Light that everyone needs now.

Share the love that God has given to you. Use your heightened knowledge to make progress toward enlightenment. Share with others who understand what you now know.

This is a beautiful time. God walks among you and is ever closer to your touch. Open your heart and your mind. Gather with others who have also found God’s Eternal Love. This era is for you! We may wish and hope and see all of our dreams come true.

We are ONE and this will never be so obvious as it is now. Follow your heart through the door to the Divine. Be welcomed there and know Peace.

Make your place next to mine and I will bring you along into the Light,


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