The Downstream of Politics; 2012

As water flows downstream it joins together with other streams or rivers. They combine and form a larger body of flowing water which may continue to grow as other water sources add to it.

This is the current political situation we have now. The smaller, less popular candidates fold their campaigns and then join their followers with another, more popular candidate. 

They seek to align with someone who mirrors their same ideals. They also seek to have some type of influence or preference if their candidate wins the post. Politics in America is all about who you owe.

Even now, the front-runners are looking to each other to see who their best ally or allies may be. Then, of course, it becomes partisan.

Many Americans are becoming disillusioned about our political system. Everything feels so fake and forced. Even long-standing platforms may change to be more becoming to the electorate. How many 180 degree turnarounds have you seen so far? Interesting.

As you recall, this has already been predetermined by the charts that each candidate has made with God prior to coming back into another earth life. We may be privy to this information or not. It all depends upon the lessons that each of us need to learn.

At the end we will see 2-3 very watered down candidates. They will be as bland as putty. Then we will go through all the rhetoric of the newly elected or re-elected president being challenged by everyone. Possibly even his or her own political party!

Anyone tired of this yet? Perhaps so but we still need to make broad-sweeping changes to the debt, banking, health care, war, mortgage reform, lending rates, Social Security…

We are charged with the responsibility of taking care of our family and our neighbors. We will focus upon the many social ills that plague our underprivileged. What are the goals of a progressive, positive reform, country? It would be the many changes that you would make for your own family. We are all one.

We will be best served by caring deeply for all of our citizens. Everyone needs a hand up occasionally. Let us be the solution to what is making our society ill.

Focus upon what your own community needs the most and then work your way outward. As a group we may have a profound influence upon what changes are made to our own lives. If you need it perhaps others need it as well!

Promise yourself that you will pay more attention to who is being elected to our country’s most powerful positions. Lobby for reform. Be heard. Let your officials know that WE need help and be specific about what kind of help we need.

Imagine yourself as the leader of a large, wealthy family with considerable influence. In turn, what would you do to make the lives of your extended family better? That is who we are. We are your extended family and we need some support from you.

I hope this makes sense to you as far as metaphors go.

Help and honor yourself. Help and support your family. Seek to improve the lives of your extended family. Invest in and improve your community. Share love, honor and hope with the world.

The first step happens now. Educate yourself about the upcoming election and become involved. Be the force behind making the changes that we all need and want. Be a leader and follow the guidance of God. Let there be no greed or ego in the decisions that our elected officials make. 

We are moving forward in peace and grace,


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  • wellspring0fgodslove  On March 2, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    I don’t expect you to believe 100% of anything I post. It is wonderful that I may have sparked some deeper contemplation for you. That is all I wish.

    Accepting anyone’s words without pause would not be healthy. I’m very happy to have touched your life, even briefly.

    I think that drawing your own conclusion is a process. You do not decide your stance all at once. You obviously take bits and pieces of information provided to you and then you make up your own mind. This is an enviable attribute. I am happy to have been part of the process!

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