We Are One, Under God

(Did anyone catch that the candle visualization is actually a form of meditation? Yes, I knew you would! ūüėČ

There are many new souls that have joined us. Welcome! Love is at the very center of each and every communication between you and me.

I am Evelyn. I am an Ascended Master and have chosen this medium through which to communicate to you. I have had many earth lives but I hadn’t been faced with as many challenges as what you are presently going through.

The time imbalance is definitely difficult to manage if you are not grounded or centered. Please ground and center yourself daily and at any time that you feel out of alignment. These energy waves that are buffeting earth are strong enough to push you off-center and cause some confusion or a lapse of connectivity.  

Even the higher evolved human is being tested with this amount of outside electrical interference. Do as much as possible to keep from falling prey to energy outside of your body.

By gathering together we are propelling ourselves collectively forward. As a group we make vast amounts of progress than we would individually.

As we read each post our thoughts align with one another. We then seek the same dimension of enlightenment at the same time. Those of us who are more highly evolved connect with the energy of those who have not risen as far and we all advance because of it.

That is why support groups, prayer circles and meditation circles benefit everyone involved. The energy circles the members of the group and it builds upon itself each time it goes around. 

The positive energy of the group builds as you meet and everyone feels energized as a result. There are many times when you meet in a circle that all members join hands and this shoots the strength of the energy up very high because the circuit is literally completed.

Those of us who meet here each day feel uplifted and reassured. This is my intent. I send loving, comforting and supportive energy to you each time you read my words.

We would love to welcome new members! Please pass the word along to friends and family so that we may all prepare for this age of new energy and cleansing.

Many topics will be discussed and it is possible to email Lisa and give her suggestions about the information you would like to know more about.

Politics and financial reform are big topics and we will discuss them at regular intervals. Health care is a topic close to my heart. I am a healer and it pains me to see so many loved ones without healthcare or enough support when suffering a medical crisis.

Love is another popular topic! This is so simple and natural and we may keep discussing love as much as we like!

Welcome to our new faces and your positive, hopeful energy is definitely adding to our pool of Divine Light.

We are ONE, under God,




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  • wuchenspiritguide  On February 20, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Wonderful, wonderful words, I can feel the loving energy flowing in every sentence. Thank you so much for sharing, Evelyn and Lisa, for giving of your time and energy for the benefit and healing of everyone. Spot on and timely, just the right words, as usual ūüôā

    • wellspring0fgodslove  On February 21, 2012 at 1:37 pm

      Thank you! I treasure your opinion so much.
      I find so much contentment with where my life is now. This blog just adds so much joy to my daily routine.

      Love & Light

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