Light the Candle of Your Soul

How far have we come in this race for spiritual enlightenment? Are there many questions left unanswered? Do we still need more direction and help? Who has attained all of their goals?

Not one of us has completed our chart. We are all in different stages of completion and many of us are struggling with our next step. this is normal and expected. No one judges you. We are all on many, varied courses and we are not expected to complete our chart until it is time to go home again.

Why do we place so much pressure upon ourselves to advance in our careers and grow our bank accounts when all we really need is to do service for God?

Release your anxieties. Calm your fears. Ground yourself and come back to your center. When was the last time that you meditated? Have you drawn closer to receiving Divine input during your meditative state? Did you take note of that next, obvious step that was given to you?

More than likely you were too anxious to reach a deep, meditative state. You were given direction from loved ones or guides and you either didn’t accept it or you immediately talked yourself out of it.

Some of you are more advanced with meditation and were able to accept what direction was provided. This is wonderful and keep a regular schedule of meditation!

Those of you who have more trouble may seek some of the many different forms of help. There are books and cd’s. There also are websites and meditation groups. What about yoga? Even the martial arts have steps to becoming more grounded and centered. Use your imagination when seeking guidance to becoming quiet and illuminated.

There are a lot of resources to try. Please make every effort to become more proficient at reaching the many different levels of self. There is so much to be gained by connecting with spirit.

You will be stunned at the grace and joy you may easily attain by developing and strengthening your connection to God.

Find the center of your being and light a candle there. Speak to this candle about love, grace, joy and God. Gaze into the depths of this candle and see the various colors that grow, spark and diminish.

Do you feel a presence joined with you while looking closely at this candle? Does it seem as if someone is embracing you and speaking softly to you about the beauty of your soul? 

Be still. There is no need to fill the silence with noise. It is good to be content and without conscious thought.

Visit this candle throughout your day. Take note of the colors when you are pressured and upset. Make every effort to calm the colors again to those that feel most peaceful and content. Breath slowly and deeply and calm that candle that is housed in your soul. Come back to center. Be grounded again. Feel the presence of the Divine when your candle is all at once stunning and brilliant!

At the end of each day take comfort in knowing that you have calmed your emotions and nurtured your soul by tending to that candle. Remind yourself each day to repeat this candle visualization so that calm and serenity become easy and routine.

Nurture your connection to the Divine. There are more than enough souls to help you  navigate this earth-life. Stay grounded and centered. Pray. Always seek the Light and grow closer to God each day.

There is only love for you here,


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