Tangible Steps to Your Higher Purpose

This is such a blessed time. I have heard so many requests for many different topics. I am so pleased that you feel comfortable enough with me to trust me with your wishes.

Today we will again go back to our Life Purpose.

If you were to create a list of ten things to do or change in order to find and/or complete your life purpose what would be on that list? I have a few suggestions. Please keep in mind that saying is much easier than doing. I understand this very well and I will accept you exactly where you are upon your path.

Single handedly prioritize who matters most in your life. Single handedly means arrange your loved ones from 1 to 5. Don’t worry, you may change them at a later date. Start now with just the people who pop in your mind immediately. These are the people who matter most and you will work to achieve a greater connection with them. These are the 5 people who are not disposable!

Cut back on addictive substances. We, in spirit, are not harsh but we would like you to cut back your consumption of alcohol or addictive drugs over time. What you will notice is that you’ll need to improve your coping skills. If you are less subdued you will experience more emotions than what you are used to. Be prepared. Keep a journal if this helps but make sure this is one of your top priorities. God is unable to provide the bounty that you expect if you are NOT living in the moment. Substances stunt your growth and you will NOT progress like you are expected to. Seek help if needed.

Cut back on the time you spend with dark beings. Trim back your interaction with darker beings until you may safely say that you are free from negative influences from them. The hint is to review how you feel after you have spent time with certain people. If you feel drained and depressed, then this person needs to go. If you feel lightly drained or mildly frustrated then cut back on the negative times you spend with this person or persons. Just think about the wonderful advice that you would give to someone else when there is someone bringing them down. Take your own advice and be self-protective of your emotions and soul energy. Keep to the Light!

Release any need for retribution or vengeance. Let go of all of your needs to be treated with respect and fairness. Yes, this is a nice way to live but our friends and loved ones may not be evolved enough to give you all the consideration you believe you deserve. “Let go and let God.” Forgive them for their ignorance. Just this one step will increase your own Light immensely! It is ok to keep coming back to this step at intervals as long as you truly wish to forgive and forget. Anger and resentment will only hold you back.

Give to others. Charity is good for the soul. Start small and build up to larger, more meaningful things. Anonymity is good because you would be giving just for the sake of giving. You won’t need or expect any recognition.

Gather your family and children around often. Sow the seeds of strength and prosperity among all of you. There is strength in numbers and if you have the same goals and the same dreams you will obtain all of it with greater ease. Let go of any barriers that you have between you and remember that others may not be as evolved as you. Forgiveness and compassion are wonderful gifts to share.

Be healthy! Take excellent care of your physical body. You are better at receiving Divine Love when you are not clouded by fat, sugar and filler. Exercise itself will bring you mental clarity! Maybe if you are having difficulties with cutting back on addictive substances you may relieve some stress by walking and communing with nature. Being in nature is a fresh boost on its own. Look for better nutrition and greater flexibility. Cherish your body as it is the vessel for your immortal soul!

This is a good start. Many of you seek definitive steps to take to reach higher levels of expansion. Keep these goals in mind and refer to them often. It is natural to make attempts and then fail. Do not judge yourself too harshly. Keep going and make these changes a habit. Your increased energy and connection to the Divine will serve as motivators!

As always, ask if you need more assistance.

All My Love,


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  • Visionkeeper  On February 14, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    Sounds like a good plan WS….Thanks for that. Hope you had a good Valentines day. A good day to practice our unconditional love…Time is growing near….VK… 🙂

    • wellspring0fgodslove  On February 16, 2012 at 9:23 pm

      Many people who follow my blog really enjoy the list-approach.

      I’m happy to comply and I think many people will find a blueprint easier to follow.

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