Political Answers From Spirit

Love. Gather around and share love. Express your heart in terms of well wishes from you to the universe.

There have been some difficult times recently. We are now feeling a lull in the turmoil around us. The political scene has dwindled down and there are definite alliances seen between the major players.

There will be some major missteps from some of the more visible candidates. They will speak from their heart and not after any forethought and it will resonate badly with the electorate. Oooops.

We will see some very obvious disconnects with what they have been saying all along. We may see them in a more genuine light but then we won’t like them! We will retrace our steps and critique where we went wrong. This is good for all of as a growth process. We will again move forward with a better understanding of who these people are and what their agendas are after attaining office. 

Who is genuine? Who is power-hungry? Who just wants to make waves?

Be still and seek direction. You may choose a format by which spirit may give you input. Such as a chart with different names in differing colors. Perhaps, slips of papers with initials on them. Some simple way in which to receive specific answers. Then don’t second guess or over think what you receive right away! Allow it to be settled at first.

 Write down your results and let it go. We often change our own direction by over-thinking everything! Allow some time to pass and then think about the advice in more detail. 

Then, the bad news. Sometimes information given from spirit is intentionally inaccurate! This is done to push you in a different direction so you will either make a stand or switch gears.

An example would be if you were in a bad relationship and a psychic, tarot card reader or other intuitive where to tell you that this person is “the one.” This is the person to marry and begin a family with and invest all of your energy into. You are intended to say to yourself, “This person is cruel, untruthful and they cheat on me. This is NOT who I belong with. I deserve better! ”

I hope this example makes sense. Intentional misinformation is to cause you to stand firm about something that you truly believe in. Or, if you are on the fence this is intended to force you to make a choice and commit to it. Or, spirit may give you inaccurate Lotto numbers because you are trying to work the system!

In reference to politics, you may be given direction to follow candidate A. No questions, it is definitely A. Then the more you think about it, A is on the opposite end of the spectrum in regards to what you feel is important to you and your community. Then you realize that following A would be a mistake and then you search for a better match to your own ideals.

Always remember that we are here on earth to learn. Spirit is willing to teach you but not spoon feed everything to you. You actually learn more by going through a process of making decisions through trial and error.

Some decisions are handed to you but only because this situation was not on your list of lessons to learn independently. You do get a helping hand but not across the board.

(This is a good process by which to get any information from spirit. If you attempt to get direction and want to verify your results with a psychic, I will definitely give you assistance. Just email me your question and the answer your recieved. I will get back to you. Lisa)

WE are definitely improving our internal guidance system each day we interact. It is a process and practise will improve our results.

Walk with me in the Light of God,


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