Faith Will Bring Us Through

Love is surrounding us all. We are standing at this potentially uncomfortable time in our existence. We came here for growth and advancement but this may feel uncertain to some.

What will the lessons of this year involve? How much do we stand to lose of our current lives? Will we recover all of this turmoil in the following years?

The good news is that we are not alone. Band together with others who think and feel similar to you. Rely upon family and friends.

Don’t give up. You have no idea how you have charted this year to unfold. Do not fear the worst. Always know that you have insurmountable support in spirit. Your ancestors are very near and want the very best for you.

There are changes coming but there needs to be changes. Find more love. Seek more enlightenment. Give and receive support. The pathway to Heaven is certainly still there. Just the motives and outcomes have changed.

Do your best. Seek the best in others. Give to those less fortunate. Gather together and make better decisions about how to spend your resources. Plan. Invest. Plant. Make the decisions that resonate with your Divine Self.

This is a great awakening. Fear has no place here. Release all of your ties and expectations and flow with grace and God.

If you are already upon a spiritual path then keep going. You will receive support, direction, reassurance and companionship from those of like-mind. Release your need to control and ride the wave.

Enjoy this heightened energy. Accept the deeper sense of self. Use the influx of energy to build upon what is already good and just in your life. Grow closer to your higher self.

This year need not push your life into imbalance as long as you have faith and remain grounded. Don’t expect the worse and be open to the best.

Complete faith in God comes with a deep sense of calm, comfort and stability. That is your goal. Find this place of faith and strength within your life. There is no fear where overwhelming belief in your Creator exists.

Open to the possibilities of this New Age. Love and be loved. 

We are all at different stages of belief.  Our goal is for all of us to manage the coming months enveloped in God’s Love. If we surrender our will and gather in the Light we will only make our experiences positive and enlightening.

Fear has no place in our Divine lives. Faith will bring us all through all that we face.

We gather around God,


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