Ultimately your Life Purpose Is…

It seems that WE are at different stages of our life. Some of us here at this site are enlightened and well-informed and others are just beginning their journey. Everyone is welcome. There is only LOVE here, no judgment. We will begin at a welcoming bridge between our different levels of existence.

Here we are. One and the same. We have travelled many miles and have experienced many things. We have had our share of achievement and heartache. Some of us are in our cherished youth. others are older and more mature. Still more are aging and in the last few years of our lives.

Have you thought about your Life Purpose? Do you remember the different labels? No matter. It all will be released in the end.

We journey through this life on earth to gain insight and clarity. We age and grow more mature. Things are less urgent than they once seemed. We all experience birth and death and the many stages in between. We welcome newborns into the family and we say farewell to loved ones in the end.

Why are we here? What did we hope to gain?

We are here to experience life and love for Our Creator. We came to earth to grow and learn. We set about making plans to be challenged and tested. We wanted to be more knowledgable and faithful. We intended to look to God for direction. We gathered our spirit guides and angels together. We decided when to meet again here on earth. We charted our path and allowed for free will. We also allowed for mistakes and untaken paths.

What is our Life Purpose? Why are we here?

We chose from many possibilities. We tailored our chart to be specific and helpful toward our goals.

What are those goals? Where are we along our path?

We came here to be more enlightened and to ascend closer to God. Simple. Almost too simple.

We get caught up in drama and turmoil. We look for trouble where there is none. We become defensive when challenged. We struggle with greed. We fight our self-absorbed actions. We focus more upon what we WANT and what we NEED. We lose sight of why we came here.

Your Life Purpose is to learn, grow, love, cherish, worship, and give. We came here to be surrounded by darkness and negativity and still find our way back to God.

No bells or whistles. No marching band. Simply take all of the hardship and pain and still find your way back home. Find faith where there once may have been fear. Find charity where there was greed. Find love in a field of heartache.

Raise yourself up the Light. Allow others to be raised up as well. Find strength, stability and grace. Walk with your head held up high and own your place in the Kingdom of God.

That is OUR Life Purpose. Return home and be one with God. 

Find Grace in All That You Do,


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