Here is that To-Do List you Misplaced!

Where did you leave that to-do list? It was here somewhere. Hmmm.

We can start a new one if you’d like?

1. Clear out the clutter in all of your living areas whether it be home, office, car, yard… Clutter gathers negative energy. If you smudge or immerse your spaces in white light please remember the backs, insides, underneath’s and hard-to-see tops of all of your belongings. Many people only focus on surfaces that they can see. Don’t make that mistake.  

2. Make time for positive and supportive communication with those you live with. If your family is grown and out of the house then focus on your partner. If you live alone then center yourself and get to know your own heart. The important thing is to be positive. No arguments please. If you are unable to communicate with your loved ones without conflict then there are some forgiveness goals for you to work on.

3. Bring color into all of your spaces. Bright is good. Pastel is Ok. The more light the better. If your drapes are dark and obstructive then try to find something else to cover your windows. If privacy is important then find times to open your shades when no one is apt to be looking.

4. Find time to journal and meditate. It is ok to set aside a few minutes. Please don’t feel pressured to rearrange your whole schedule. If you feel pushed you probably won’t do it. Find odd times like when the washing machine is running or you are sitting in your car before you walk into your place of work. Most people do these activities just before bed. Choose whatever works best and try to make it a habit!

5. Worship. Quietly focus on your life, your income, your family and friends, and your Higher Power. Find the beauty in your life and lives of those near you.

6. Give thanks. Remember that everything in your life happens for a reason. There are lessons to be learned. Sometimes the most difficult times bring the hardest lessons. The good times are for learning as well. Give thanks for all that you have and everyone that you know. Grace builds easily upon itself.

7. LOVE! This is the most fun! Love all of your circumstances. Just being alive is cause for celebration! Love your home. Love your clothes. Love your lunch. Love your parents. Love each day even though it may be cold or rainy. LOVE!

8. Build that life that you may want or need. Gather together the best experiences that you want to be a part of your life. Add more comfort to your home. Build a better relationship with your neighbors. Take steps to find a more fulfilling career. Develop that life that you have always wanted! Find your building blocks and arrange them however you desire. You may build a stairway to Heaven! How glorious would that be?!

9. Share all that you have with others. There are many sharing relationships. You may share with your own children or community youth. You may share with co-workers and support group members. Share with parents and elders. Share with the poor and homeless in your county. The more you offer the more you bring back to your own hearth and home. Charity builds soul equity. 

10. Praise God! Worship, give, take, build, prosper…Do all of your greatest work in the honor of God! You ARE Divine and you have the power to do a great many things to make the world a better, more fulfilling and loving place!

At the end of your life what will be your greatest accomplishment? Will you build an honest, successful architecture firm or feel proud of the amount of time and money that you donated to the fine arts? Is a garden club in your neighborhood feel as good as volunteering for Habitat for Humanity? That is your choice to make. Decide what achievements matter most in the House of God? Where would all of your time and attention make the most positive impact?

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