Welcome to Our New Friends

Hi! I’m Lisa. There are some new faces here and I wanted to welcome you.

Just to let you know that all of the content presented here is channeled from my Higher Guide Evelyn. My connection to her has gotten much stronger in these past weeks and she repeatedly presents information in usable terms.

The comfort and reassurance people feel is from Evelyn.

I am looking forward to expanding my services. I am able to offer readings by email and also answer specific questions for you. One thing I have done in the past is to ask my guides for a list of things to do to increase my spirituality. I was presented with a list from 1 to 10 and everything was very do-able. No need for the mastery of physics or to be a physician to understand each of them.

Use the email lisa.lwoc@gmail.com and give me your first name. No other information needed except your question or if you want a full reading. Any clarification wanted for the information contained in the reading I will provide to you also.

What I will see when I first tune into your energy will be a crowd of guides and loved ones surrounding you. If they know you’ll be seeking the services of a psychic they will gather around and want to be heard! 

All my love and welcome,


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  • wellspring0fgodslove  On June 10, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    Renee Ann Smith

    I sense that you are highly successful. Spirit is impressed with your progress both personally and professionally. Congratulations!

    1. You have stalled in your career. Spirit states that you do not actually realize that there is more for you to do. You have the impression that you have found your niche, but there are higher levels to reach.
    Your progress is in the same company. The first move is lateral. After that your next move is up. It is in a closely related department and you may have already sensed a move to that division. Please do. You are highly prepared and qualified but you just needed a boost. Take that leap of faith. It will work out well.
    It seems that you are concerned that the lateral move makes little sense. Start there and the opportunities will be obvious.

    2. Personally you have a little less confidence. Spirit states that you are uncertain of your choices right now. They encourage you to stay with the person you are currently with. His contrast will lead to more emotional and spiritual development for you. It would be of no benefit to date/marry someone who is just like you.

    3. Your schooling is done for now. It is all work for the next few years. If anything, take some classes which speak more to your hobbies and interests.

    4. Someone is bleeding you dry emotionally. It seems like a family member. I would guess your mother. Set some boundaries and adhere to them. Do not be held emotionally hostage. If you read the posts on this site you know that your divine energy is limitless and everlasting. When you begin to feel tapped out, just envision your spiritual cup overflowing again, because it is. Spirit would like you to use gold light both in and around you. This is your natural medium for continued health and success.

    5. Money is not a concern. Your sense that you lack is actually causing you to lack. This is the law of attraction. You have enough and you always will. If you can’t disappear to the Caribbean then you weren’t intended to in the first place. Every step in your plan is completely within your means. If it truly is just too much or out of the question, then let it go. You certainly charted enough finances for your entire lifetime. Try not to question this so much. It is like asking God if He is doing enough for you. The money is there and you won’t continue to question God now that you know. Believe and have faith.

    6. I see a bumpy road with children. Spirit states that it is far too soon to make this important of a decision. Come to terms with your gentleman and as long as children are an option for both of you, let it be. You will take that step but you must correct some emotional issues first. This is likely a concern for you because of your tense relationship with your own parents. Count on yourself to be mature, loving and attentive. You will NOT make the same mistakes. Promise!

    7. Start something new. Spirit wants you to garden. They state that working with the soil will help you become and stay grounded. They don’t want you to limit your plants to outdoor only. They want you to grow many different things all year round.

    8. Crystals are also a must. They want you to have amethyst, clear quartz and pink quartz. Keep these beside your bed and be open to buying more when the opportunity presents itself. These crystals will help cleanse and clear your energy and help you to heal. Perhaps a book about crystals will broaden your mind. Do NOT break the bank. Buy only the ones that you absolutely must have. If you put one down and can successfully walk away from it, then it isn’t yours.

    9. No changes to your diet and exercise. You’re healthy and active. Any fear or concern about your health is connected to your own insecurities. Please work on this. Use positive affirmations to keep the thoughts of being unhealthy and unattractive out of your mind.

    10. More prayer! You rarely pray. It is time to make it a habit. Speak to anyone you wish. Increase your comfort with being closely aligned with God. You truly are very successful and nearly perfect! Relax and release any doubts of self-worth. Start meditating as well. These two steps alone will increase your joy, happiness and fulfilment ten-fold!

    • wellspring0fgodslove  On February 1, 2017 at 2:27 pm

      There is a list of concerns that spirit wishes to present to you.
      1. Relationship issues- you are far too complacent. You allow someone else to make important decisions just to keep the peace. Spirit views this as you denying your inner light. This leads to an absence of self-actualization. You also lack direction because of this.
      2. You are being abused. You are not physically injured but you are emotionally and psychologically oppressed. This causes you to act out in destructive ways.
      3. You don’t always tell the truth. You embellish your life to make yourself seem more accomplished or successful.
      4. You lack healthy outlets for anger, frustration and sadness.
      5. You are unfulfilled. Much of what you wanted for your life is lacking and what you really thought you wanted is not as satisfying as you expected.
      6. The nice, beautiful people you once had in your life were pushed away. You are isolated and lonely.
      7. Substances cloud your actions. They are an ineffective way to cope and you rely too heavily upon them.
      8. You often “wish” for something to change or get better but this will not work. You have to make those changes.
      9. You create drama sometimes just for something to do. You actively try to upset someone just to get any type of response.
      10. You want someone else to make you happy. You look outside of yourself and this will never work.

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