Ride The Wave!

Love is being spread around. Many people are taking advantage of the etheric waves of energy to solve some life problems and build success.

Many of you are feeling knocked off-balance at times. These are waves of spiritual energy that are flooding your realm. There are noticeable effects seen such as solar flares and drastic shifts in the weather.

If you were to look at earth from above you would see the energy swirling in some areas and pooling in others. The swirling is brought about by sites of improved global consciousness. The more people in the same area who are raising their vibrations are bringing the positive energy to themselves. The areas where people are less responsive are being met by pooled energy.

Either way you are still able to use it. Don’t fret if you feel you are in the pooled areas. You may still tap into the Divine energy that is present and in fact it may be more usable because it isn’t swirling and knocking you off-balance. All of us, on this planet, are being treated to massive amounts of energy for your use.

Stay positive. Build a better life. Share your good fortune with others.

Beware of people who are negative and presenting a false image of themselves. Seek peace. Surround yourself in the Light. When you are calm and still, ask the question about who these negative people are. Build up your aura of white light and keep yourself safe from them. Ask your guides about a certain person and their energy or their motives, then wait for an answer.

In fact, you probably already sense whether they are bring positive energy with them or not. Remember that Divine guidance is best received during meditation.

The path you are to follow is clearly before you. Do not question yourselves so much. Worry and disbelief wear away at your good intent. Release any negative energy and find the best and brightest thing for you to do next!

All of My Love Dearest Soul,


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