Manifest in 2012

Set your intentions for the year. Do you want a better, more fulfilling job? A happier home life? A more comfortable house or apartment?

Write it down and refer to this list often. Place it where you will see it daily or several times a day. This will be a reminder of the path you have chosen. Bringing your thoughts back to this list will keep you focused on your goals.

The phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind,” applies here. God and your many Heavenly Hosts are waiting to fulfill your wishes. This year is a definite end to any desert period that anyone may have been having.

All of the energy that surrounds us may be put to good use. Don’t just pray for yourself but pray for others as well. Bring bounty to everyone you love and cherish. Answers to your prayers will be met with unheard of speed.

Please don’t wait for 12/12/12. Get started now!

Ask and ALLOW. This is so important for you to remember. Many of you ask or wish but then block receiving. It is as if you want it but you feel that you don’t deserve it. Let this tie that bonds you loose. ALLOW God to love you as a wonderful, loving, nurturing father would.


The word manifest is most prominent this year. Bring all of your desires and hopes into reality. Believe that you deserve everything that you want.

The only rule is that your desires don’t cause pain or loss to someone else. Your intentions must be of the highest and best. Write that down on your list as well.

God will fulfill all of your dreams if you are honest and loving when asking for them.

Bring the life that you have always wanted to live into reality during this year. Then, on 12/12/12 the true celebration will begin. Just wait and see.

Manifest your dreams,


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  • melissa gray  On January 27, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Thank you so much for that wonderful reminder on manifesting! I especially resonate with your message to ‘allow’ as I often forget that part! many blessings! Melissa

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