Pack Your Bags

Think of yourself as if going on a journey. You want to pack everything you need but not everything you own. There are points in your trip where you’ll be carrying your own bags and other times when you will have a wagon or cart.

This implies that you’ll probably want to pack light. Use multipurpose baggage and be sure you can carry it fully loaded.

Look around your home. How much of what you own relates to your life now? How much is no longer useful? What do you really need? 

This journey starts now. The influx of cosmic energy is forcing you to choose your path. Do you want to travel toward the Heavens or toward the darkness below? Or perhaps, you want to stay in a more moderate area for travel?

This is a good time to clean your home, office, business and place of worship. What do you see that is only collecting dust and gathering negative energy around it? Would these items be of better use to someone else? How much brighter and lighter would you feel by clearing the clutter?

Metaphorically, this implies an actual cleaning and spiritual one as well. Get ready for the energy shifts to get stronger and more forceful. Be ready to travel light.

Have you set your goals to match this new enlightenment we are facing? Are you still stuck in the rut of past tense? The further we get into this new year we will see more change and more growth. Decide what goals you want to achieve as long as they are positive and beneficial to yourself and others. Take the high road. Those who choose the low road will stumble and fall. they will not necessarily realize what their actions have brought about. They may not even realize that consequences will follow their unenlightened ways.

Shake yourself off. Pack your bags and choose your travelling partners carefully. The waves of Divine Energy will increase and many new and wonderful achievements can be made.

By choosing the higher road you will feel as if the wind is at your back helping you to make wonderful progress on your journey.

Come along with me. I have already set a place for you at my table. Seek and you shall learn.

My love is everlasting,


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