Waves of Enlightened Energy

The rising tide of etheric energy is truly palpable. Many people feel scattered and defensive. Others respond in anger or frustration. Even more feel restless and out-of-place.

Those who know are experiencing waves of enlightenment.

Have you noticed that the more you focus on the negative the more off course you may become? Things get harder as you bring more darkness into your existence. It may feel like a cycle of difficulties building upon itself.

Stop! Allow more Light into your life. Remind yourself repeatedly to stop ruminating and bring your positive and hopeful thoughts to the forefront. No one will do this for you. This is something only you may do for yourself.

More Light. More love. More joy and happiness. Catch yourself when you are down. Dance, sing and enjoy all of the best people and situations in your life.

Sometimes it is a daily battle to be positive and hopeful. Make a habit out of being pleasant and social. Be that person who people remark about because, “They always have a smile on their face,” or “They are never in a bad mood.”

There is nothing to be gained by being negative. Ever.

No one will learn from you or seek your input. They may look like they are listening but they are really looking for a way to break off your conversation. You know yourself that you try not to get caught up in a conversation with someone who is a downer.

It makes sense not to be that downer.  

Use all of this global energy to learn,grow and prosper. Cut your ties to anything dark and bask in the glory of newfound knowledge and success. There is more positive and renewable energy to be found all around you. Others feel it as well. Think of all of the positive things you may accomplish!

Set goals and go after them. Let God be the wind in your sails. Lift others up as well. This may be the best time to achieve all of your dreams.

Be who you intended yourself to be. Always.

Go with God,


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