Life Purpose with Accordance to God

Have you given any thought to your life purpose? Are you any closer to deciding who you are right now? Do you have more questions?

Yes, of course. We will review the different categories for your life purpose here on earth.

They are: healer, helper, worker, support person, creator, writer, activist and nay sayer.

It is important to realize that you may fit into a few different categories. You may also shift from one set of categories to another as you mature. Trauma may also shift your life focus. The entrance or exit of friends or lovers may change the person you are. There are many occurrences that may send your life into a different direction and you have already gone through this many times before.

There is no one category that is more important than another, Even the nay sayer has a purpose. Please look at your current life circumstances honestly to get the best perspective on your life purpose.

It may help to list all of your qualities and then assign each of them under one of the categories. What resonates best? Is your self-assessment accurate? Is it what you expected?

One thing we must always remember is that we ARE God. We are source energy and we came from God and we will return to God. We came here for a set of reasons. We wanted to learn from adversity and chaos. We definitely expected negativity and prejudice when we decide to experience another earth life. 

We are a Heavenly Being in human form. There is so much more to our lives then what we may see and hear. Look beyond what you are coping with right now. What is the higher purpose that is being taught here? Have you made progress in learning this lesson? Are you a more positive and supportive person this year then you were last year? Have you learned to shift your focus from self to family, community and country?

Most of us look at our everyday life and think that this is our goal, but it truly isn’t. We descended from Heaven and we will return to Heaven. What were the things that you accomplished in accordance with this belief? When you return to the Other Side what is it, specifically, that you want to have achieved by being here? Are you anywhere near that more lofty and divine goal? If not, then realign your focus and make tangible plans to get there.

Always remember that you are One with God and your Life Purpose refers more to soul growth than it does to how much money you have or what type of job you go to each day.

Material things do not feed the growth of your soul. Vanity has no place in God’s Kingdom. Cheating others to fill up your bank account is NOT your Life’s Purpose!

Find that path to salvation again. Keep close to the goals that you developed with your Divine Guides and God. Realign with who you really wanted to be when you came here. 

Always, go with love,


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  • wellspring0fgodslove  On February 16, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Thank you! I really resonated with this post myself.

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