Prosper In These Uncertain Times

Celebrate what we have achieved in this new world.

There are many goals, agendas and plans. We all seek select goals for ourselves and other goals for our community and more goals yet for the world and universe beyond.

What has been done? What is attained? Can we check off any goals for 2012 yet? 

Time is moving very quickly. We are in turmoil much of the time. Have you learned yet how to accomplish things in this time of fluctuation and imbalance? Have your days blurred into other days? Has time gotten away from you? Did deadlines pass without your recognition? 

Precisely. Just like many of those in your social circles. One may have to adjust to working when out of balance and with unfamiliar energy. Hopefully, you will adjust and continue to be productive in your work environment. How are your children doing in classes? Does it sound similar to the fluctuations that you are experiencing?

Band together and discover ways to be successful in these times of unreliable energy.

Be certain to ground yourself. Teach those in your family, work and social circles how to ground themselves. These fluctuations in energy will last for a while longer. Perhaps for 6 more months or less.

What is happening to the darkness during this time? Are the darker beings finding footing themselves or are they being flushed away by the turmoil? They are surviving just as you are surviving. They may find stability themselves against the uncertain energy waves that buffet us all. Many of them will survive, also.

The key to surviving in the Light is to ground yourself to Heaven as well as Mother Earth. The darker beings don’t have the Light to guide them. They must merely cling to their own footing and forego the assistance of the Higher, Divine Beings. 

You may see them flounder. You may catch a glimpse of them tumble to the ground and try in vain to stand back up. They will disclose themselves just by being more in flux than the beings of Light such as you.

They will be much easier to spot. Once you have seen them for their true self you will know to shield yourself against the darkness they emanate.

This is a time of great learning. Take notes! See others for who they truly are.

Keep yourself in balance. Pray, meditate, ground yourself and seek guidance from the Light. You are much more likely to survive this time of turmoil if you hold onto your faith.

Just watch the world around you. There will be many things happening to pique your interest. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to shelter yourself from the darkness of others. They will seek to grab ahold of those who appear more stable than them and you will be at risk of attracting them.

Use White Light, prayer, outward facing mirrors, imagined blocks and barriers…whatever works best for you. Keep the darkness at bay as you prosper and uplift yourself.

Go with God, bathe in the Light, and love yourself and your world,



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