What is Your Life Purpose?

There are many larger categories and then smaller divisions of each of them.

The big categories are:

Healer, Helper, Worker, Support Person, Creator, Writer, Activist and  Nay Sayer.

We all fall under one of these main titles. Then we are focused in different areas like a “healer” for man, a “healer” for wildlife, a “healer” for Mother Earth… We are a “writer” of music, a “writer” of laws, a “writer” of non-fiction…

We are many things at many times and our focus may change throughout the maturation process. You may start as a “support person” but may end up an “activist.” You may begin “healing” animals but may grow to be educated to “heal” humans.

I hope this makes sense. There are so many varieties of goals and stages of growth that we may go through. If we suffer from a mental illness then this may delay any advancement toward a larger goal of writing non-fiction. We may suffer from child abuse or neglect and then be challenged to release that damage and attempt to prosper after having dealt with some or most of it. We may be in an abusive relationship and no longer see our life separate from our abuser.

We also delay our growth when we enter into a loving relationship. You lose sight of your personal goals and focus instead on your goals as a couple. A parent definitely shifts their focus from themselves to their children and then back to themselves when the child is independent enough to prosper on their own.

A parent of a disabled child may never regain their focus upon the self again. This may vary by situation. Women are more likely set aside their goals in favor of nurturing others. Men tend to keep their focus on self and hold themselves to the bread-winner.

Please try not to be confused by the many types of life purposes. Everything  that you currently are, will fit into this model. It may take time to discern all of the various combinations that may exist in your life now and definitely in your future.

All of the darker and more negative roles fit into these categories as well. People are “helpers” to someone defrauding the government. Others are “nay sayers” to people who preach love and forgiveness. Some are “workers” for undermining health care availability across the board.

Spend time being introspective. Remember that the quiet stillness holds many answers for you. Where are you now? Where would you like to be? Have you been making progress or are you losing ground on achieving your life goals.

Think about this and make some tentative determinations. Set it aside and look at it again in a few days. How well is your life progressing? How many goals have you accomplished and how many more are yet to be attained? Has your life purpose changed in the past year? Has it changed since you’ve made a major life change like getting married or retiring? Do you have children and now some of your life goals are pertaining to them?

How much Light is in your life? Do you have faith? Are you confident? Are you financially successful?

Now is the time to look your life purpose and gain clarity about what is working and what is not. Fine tune some of your plans. Change your focus from what you have been doing to what you want to be doing.

Does your path have more clarity now? Indeed. We will discuss your life purpose again after you have had time to understand what you have just learned.

Again, ask your questions. I may hear you and I certainly honor your thoughts and feelings. We are one as we move forward toward your self-actualization.

My love stands without question,



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