The Pool of Self

Come together. Add events and activities to your life that bring peace, joy and friendship.

Stay away from groups that promote negativity and dissention.

Think of your life as a pool of crystal clear water. View your reflection and wonder at the beauty of your world. There are stunning and bright colors that fluidly float in unison.

What would you add to this crystal kaleidoscope? Would you knowingly pour a putrid, brown clump of disease into this pool? No, of course not.

This is the beauty of your life! Cultivate fine and serene seascapes in this crystalline pool. Add only bright and clear colors. Find only love and joy there.

There have been many metaphors in your experience. I pray this one will touch that gentle, self-loving, center of your being.

Play with imagery. What are the colors of your relationships? Who adds the most light to your pool? How much of this light do you allow to touch your soul? If you were at the center of your pool do you keep the best and brightest colors there? Or, do you center the darkness in the core closest to your soul?

This is a beautiful exercise to represent how well you take care of the energy that fills your life. Imagine what needs to be filtered out and removed from your pool in order to see and experience more light. How much better does your pool look when these negative situations are gone?

Stand inside the pool. Feel the water surround you. Move fluidly and sense where the joy is. Where does the darkeness seep in? Is there a certain person or situation that troubles you and brings debris to your pool?

You may still have to deal with this person or situation but don’t allow the energy to enter the sanctuary that is you. Function as you must, but never allow the hurt and heartache to penetrate your pool of well-being.

Release the negativity before it changes the beauty of who you are.  

Take time through your busy day and look into your pool of light. Quickly filter out anything that diminishes who you have intended yourself to be.

You came to this life to learn and to grow. Part of your growth is self-love and self-care. Treat yourself as precious as God himself treats you.

Nurture yourself and bring only Divine Light and color into the pool of your being.

With all the love of my being,


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  • Neale Daniel  On January 16, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    Lovely words of wisdom, thank you,
    One Love,

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