Persistent 2012 Fears

Love to you all!

I sense more questions about the 2012 energy shift. Relax. This is NOT an end of times. What is that you see why you so easily believe this? What has happened in your life that you so willingly give up control of your future?

The world is NOT ending and you are not ceasing to exist. Fear is a powerful tool and someone is using this as leverage against you. What are their motives? Why do they want you to live in fear? What do they have to gain?

Who is this person or body of people who cause so much anxiety in your life? Why do you so easily believe them? What ways have they struck such a deep and powerful chord in you?

Many fear the ET’s landing and colonizing earth. There are so many more sightings, right? Not really. There have always been ET’s circling your planet. They have a vested interest in what you do from day-to-day. They are NOT here to take over your world. They are here to benefit your society through scientific advancement.

As you probably are aware, other colonies in the universe are far more advanced than you. They are here to usher in scientific advancements that will update and improve your everyday life. They seek impressionable humans and infuse them with specific knowledge. These “breakthroughs” then lead to advancements that your entire species will benefit from.

What they most intently seek to share with you now, in all earnestness, is many and varied ways to reverse global warming.

Some people have gotten the message but others have not. There is an adversarial environment surrounding global warming and many people are too anxious to clearly receive what information is being given to them. 

Relax. You are in no danger of being overtaken by another species. No other society in the universe holds any ill will toward the humans on earth. We only want for you to survive and prosper.

There are so many negative energies in your culture that ET’s may wonder if you will accept their offerings of guidance and benefit. Fear is not your best attribute. The human is actually your own worst enemy.

Avoid the “doomsayers.” This rhetoric has never come true has it? What ever happened to the Rapture? See this as a good example for you to NOT follow someone so extreme.

Let calmer heads prevail. Relax and find peace with God. Do NOT misinterpret the signs. The only Hell here on earth is of your own making.

Love. Find peace and contentment. Resist the ones who would have you living in fear. Yes, there will be turmoil in 2012, but the earth and the population of earth are in no danger.

Gather near me and feel my reassurance.


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