12 Things for 2012

1. A quiet, easily decidable, election for President of the United States. The loud-mouths will fall by the wayside.

2. Failure of at least 3 large, well-known, companies. (Like the Hostess bankruptcy that is happening now)

3. Automatic censorship of big banks. They will be more transparent to their customers but will still seek to misrepresent their common practises. Some whistle-blowers will arise. Court battles will ensue.

4. More significant travel via waterways. Airline travel will experience several major disruptions and 1 large airline will file for bankruptcy.

5. International tensions will swell over a sports competition. I sense a boxing match outcome that will be highly questionable. The controversial ruling will be VERY obvious and extremely one-sided. 

6. More political travel to the Middle East. Many countries will attempt to disarm Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Iran will focus less upon challenges to the US and will instead threaten a smaller country very close to them. Iran is seeking more oil and oil proceeds. They seek Super Power status. They will not detonate a nuclear bomb they only seek to threaten nuclear destruction. They do not want the overall environmental change that a detonation will cause and they prefer to promote the health and well-being of their citizens. They simply do not want their own people and their own land to suffer from a nuclear incident.

7. More philanthropy among celebrities and the very wealthy. Instead of anonymous contributions these individuals will publicize their donations.

8. Groundwork being laid for new housing and housing practises. More efficient and cost-effective homes. We will see a focus on self-sustainable, multi-level, multi-family structures.

9. More people will move their money to alternate institutions to combat big banks. There will be more co-op situations and lending will undergo a major overhaul.

10. Cars will reach ultimate heights of gas mileage! There will be safety concerns so new car buyers need to research the many options that they will have. Cars will be smaller with less passenger space. It will seem like the re-emergence of the two-seater.

11. New religious leaders will step forward. Self-disclosure will be very important to this new type of individual. Extensive background checks and morality expectations will be the norm. Parishioners will be less forgiving of unseemly behavior. Current churches will continue to lose revenue and many will close their doors. We will look for alternate ways to be inspired and informed. Technology will factor in to this, despite widespread concerns.

12. Money for schools and higher learning. We will see the need to compete with foreign countries in areas of business and technology. We will cultivate higher thinking and unconventional ways to achieve success. The out-of-the-box student will be our most valued asset. Many donations from the wealthy will highlight this trend.

My love to all of my new family members here at WordPress. Please seek more information. Ask me whatever it is you wish to know. I only seek to guide you toward this New Age of Golden Light and Forgiveness. All seekers are welcome here.

My Love to All,


(Lisa-This is a wonderful response to readers who liked the list of “10 Things” we did earlier. I have gotten such a positive response for the list method that I kept asking for more. Here, Evelyn came through.)






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