Political Concerns

Dear beloved ones. I have heard many questions about these political times that you are in. Many fear complete ruin of your economic lifestyle and others fear total disregard of your “American” way of life.

Fear not. It would take many more political changes in the very near future to completely dismantle what your life includes now. Change will happen much more slowly.

You fear that one wrong move will change the course of America forever. This isn’t so. The way your government is set up, no one individual can make any disastrous changes. It takes many more politicians, in unison, to accomplish such upheaval. This will not happen.

Have faith.

Change in the political arena happens much more slowly than many people imagine. This is a slow process. Select your next political leaders more carefully. At each election keep making wise and well thought out decisions. Eventually, you will see the changes that you are working toward.

Obama will be given another chance. He has many more things to accomplish before he leaves office. Remember that each of you have a path that you had written prior to coming into life here on earth. He also has a plan to follow. His plan is mid-completion.

You will find that he will be able to make many more beneficial changes after he leaves office. He will no longer be the center of everyone’s negativity. He will bring answers to many of your questions and he will partner with many influential people to promote improved social conditions for a great deal of people.

The intensity with which you  look at the Office of the President makes it extremely difficult for any person to be successful in that position. It almost makes more sense for the truly motivated politicians to avoid being in that position, at all costs.

Imagine in your own life if you were so highly criticized about every action or decision that you make. You would need some very proactive mental health treatment. Which one of us could stand up to such hostility in the workplace? Your every move would be met with anger and criticism.

Thankfully, most of you have decided not to be targeted with so much opposition in your every day life. This is good. You are allowed to make all of your decisions privately. Your mistakes are not well-known and your goals are far more personal.

Go forward. Make good and informed decisions about who you will promote and support as you future political leaders. Don’t bow out of the process just because some decisions have already been made, according to “plan.”

Stay involved and interested. Help others to grasp the needs of your society as a whole. Teach your children and grandchildren about the political arena. We all need to be better informed.

Be involved. Support those who would promote all people, not just a few. Make reform your favorite topic to discuss in broader circles. Seek to move more toward a helpful, supportive society. Make the lives of all Americans better.

How do we feel now? Do you get the impression that people were elected to office that probably shouldn’t be there? Are there those now who want to be elected but also probably shouldn’t be in office? Yes! Being informed is half of the challenge.

This isn’t as intensely critical as many would lead you to believe. Political changes occur slowly. Reform is also a methodical process.

Please become involved. If you are involved then stay involved and bring others with you. Make good, informed decisions and don’t fall for the rhetoric and lies which are only intended to scare you. Find the truth and follow that path to the best of your ability.

If we move closer to God you would immediately see the true state of our political system. Decisions would be made with a quiet confidence. Don’t involve fear and prejudice in your decision-making process. Make everyone the priority for improved living conditions. Do not single out any race or culture. We all deserve a better life. 

God sees no skin color or language differences. He only sees HIS children and we all deserve his love.

Move forward in confidence.

All of My Love,


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  • wellspring0fgodslove  On January 31, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    That’s Ok too. At least you have tried. Many people have not ascended to the level that you have OR they believe the misinformation which promotes fear OR they just don’t get it.
    Continue on your path of enlightenment and seek others of like-mind. You’ll find as your group gains support and size others will not be able to help but notice your message.
    Avoid dogma at all costs! Spread more moderate and accurate information with love for yourself and others.

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