What is Our New Direction?

There are many of like-mind reading these posts. I have looked very carefully at what we all hold close to our hearts. This is where we will go today.

Getting back to the basics.

How far away have we roamed from our own intentions? Why do we do what we do? Who is influencing us? What do we hope to gain from what we are doing in our daily lives?

What is your goal for being employed? A new house, new car, an exotic trip? How does that enrich your soul? We spend far too much time chasing our ego desires that we have lost sight of our promise to God.

What does that new car have to say about your committment to God? Do you need something flashy and new to commune with God and the rest of your Heavenly Hosts? Why have you gotten so lost?

The simpler the times were, the happier. When we knew all of our neighbors and spent more time with our extended family we were closer to what God had intended for our lives.

We came to this plane to love God above all others. Do you remember that? After God we were to love ourselves because through self-care we were able to nurture others beyond ourselves. After that we were to love our family. Then beyond that we were to love our community and all of humanity.

How far along are you on this path? Have you gotten lost along the way? Many of us have.

It is ok to begin again. Come back to your center and make a vow to believe  in and worship God. Follow the true direction of God and not the more subversive and manipulative aspects of religion.

What is your religious leader truly saying? Are you taught to love all races and forego judgment and prejudice? Have you been lead down the path of a  false prophet?

Worse yet, do you worship money and power?

My heart aches for you. There are so many lies being told in news. You are being misled by your leaders. There are many layers of deception that you have not been able to push through.

Come back home. Come back to the basic principles of life here on Earth.

Love God.

Love and nurture yourself.

Love and care for your family.

Love your community and all of humanity.

How much simpler and happier would life be? How much contentment would flow so freely. The love in your life would be overwhelming.

Make things simple yet again.  

Come home. Reconnect with God and nature. Commit to the development of your soul. It is easy to lose sight of why you came here. There is no judgment here, only love.


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