What Happened When We Weren’t Looking?

What happened? Who took the reigns and steered us this way? Where were we supposed to be, if not here?

We lost sight of our own goals. We were going about life in a very different way and we forgot why we came here. Now, we look around and see that we ended up somewhere unfamiliar and distant from our dreams. How do we get back to where we always wanted to go?

What was it that we dreamed for our lives? Do you remember? Where are those paintings we were going to paint? How about those novels we had an outline for? What about those dreams of photographic genius? Where did you put that musical instrument that you wanted to learn to play?

We don’t have to realign all of our plans. These dreams will fit perfectly within our existing lifestyles. Budget to purchase those paints or that camera. Make time for your hearts desire.

Include your dreams right alongside of your current commitments. When you were children you didn’t plan for a monotonous, boring life. We wanted to be fabulous things. We wanted to use all of our creativity in every moment that counts.

Don’t forget your dreams. So much of our day is spent doing things we would rather not be doing. Make your living. We all need to pay our bills but at the very least find some time for creativity. Even reading books may become repetitive and lackluster. Write one instead!

Journal, paint, write poems, take pictures from your unique perspective. Even if the quality is lacking, who cares? Allow your creative juices to flow and be swept away to those far off dream lands again.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I imagine that isn’t where you are now. Some things may not be changed but please add joy, love, art, music and creativity to fill up your quiet moments.

Find your desire again. Where is your passion? How often do you go to your quiet space of self-fulfillment?

Step back into the light. Take down those barriers and allow your heart to roam free. Send the waves of passion and creativity out into the universe.

God wants your heart to sing again with all of the colors of the rainbow. You don’t even have to let others see what you have done. Find your own center. Add immense amounts of light and love. Send your hearts desire out into the universe and feel that fulfillment again. 

God wants all of his children to experience joy at all times. Knock down those walls of that prison of your own making. Offer love to the universe and give your heart many avenues to express your passion.

Follow the path that you had always intended to follow.

With love and grace,


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  • Visionkeeper  On January 7, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Good one Well Spring….Wishing you good things for 2012….VK

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