Hello Dearest Loved Ones,

I sense some confusion over my latest remarks. Please feel free to customize my guidance to fit your lifestyle.

It may not be possible to cultivate your own foods or wash them in a fresh spring but I encourage you to tailor my suggestions to blend with your life.

Try to switch to more natural food sources. Less processed food would be a great start. Whole grains and real sugar(in moderation) would give you more energy and clearer thinking.

Drink a lot of water and a purifier would be advised. Grow your own fresh herbs! Meats that are lean and grain fed are recommended.

It is fine to make small changes to come closer to your center.

Please do not be overwhelmed by not being able to fully adopt a holistic lifestyle. The best advice would be to lean toward less processed food with fewer ingredients.

Small steps toward Home are just fine! 

Relax and listen more closely to your heart. Guidance to find clarity and contentment flow readily to you.

All My Love,


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