More Information on 2012

Hello Dearest Ones,

I sense there is more information needed about the 2012 prophesies.

Travel to a distant time and place where there is no lack of food, energy, employment, companionship, and Divine direction. This is where WE are trying to bring you.

There have been times in the past when your culture has been closer to or further away from this Divine existence. At this point you are to bring your own ship into port.

WE have given you much direction and much more assistance so this movement toward perfection must be self-directed. There are many in your culture who have the answers and speak out about the global changes that need to occur to bring our planet back to utopia. Do we hear those people or are they the ones who we feel are extremists and mentally unstable?

Is living a wholesome and virtuous life so far away from your current lifestyle? Perhaps.

Think of this expectation of your people with more ease. Shy away from the more extravagant pursuits. Look toward reversing the damage done to the planet. Break down the walls of prejudice and judgment. Return to more wholesome foods and resources. 

Come back to living quietly off of the land. Offer thanks to Mother Earth for all of her bounty and focus more upon healthy food and cleaner fuel.

The answers to this 2012 riddle are much less ominous than anyone could imagine! It is a process. Begin anywhere that you feel comfortable. Make steps toward a holistic life and believe in something greater than yourself.

This shift toward global health involves money, resources, business, medicine, family and faith. Please don’t panic or be overwhelmed. WE want only the best for you.

2012 is an age of self-direction. If you ponder this you will realize that you really are not totally alone. All of your Divine guides are still here for you. The only thing lacking is a blueprint! Did you really follow the Mayan calendar anyway? Many have no specific knowledge about it.

I love you so deeply. There really is nothing to fear about this next era of your existence. Return back to the ground rules. Love God, love the Earth and live a healthy, wholesome, grateful life.

All My Love,


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