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This is Lisa and this response is not channeled. The comment was made about the “are we enlightened?” post.

Thank you for your interest. I have noticed as I travel through the different blogs that people who channel are getting much of the same information. After I post I usually surf some other channeled sites and I am amazed at how similar the content is.

I blogged about a female energy shift and found one very similar post and some vaguely similar posts on the same day!

I also blogged on the 11-11-11 influx of divine energy and then read some very similar posts there also.

If you read from these other sites you find that we have been given doses of Divine energy a few times but the average person may only feel restless or frustrated. This last influx at 11-11-11 brought the Occupy Protests with it. 

Many people may not have even realized this or connected it together. Even spiritual people may not read the channeled sites and may not have known what specific information was being handed to us.

Channeled sites may be difficult to sift through. Many of them are based on The Intergalactic Federation and The Council of Twelve or other extraterrestrial groups. Some people find this content displeasing. 

What I urge you to do is to search for channeled content which sounds more believable and “human.” There are even channeled excerpts from Archangels and Enlightened Masters as well, if these are easier to accept.

What I may tell you for certain is that many of us were new to this influx of Divine energy and there will be many more new to this the next time we receive one. It is a gathering of souls, so to speak. More people will be knowledgeable each time this occurs and we will respond better to it just by knowing more.

The comment made referred to wanting to know more. I am pleased to channel my Higher Guide, Evelyn, who is very direct and plain-spoken. She will give “us” very specific information about the New World of 2012.

So far I have not channeled about Galactic spaceships just outside of our solar system. This blog may be a little easier on the senses. I don’t discount the blogged content from other worldly visitors, I’m just not there yet!

Love to You!

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