2012; A Time of Self-Direction

There has been much speculation about the Mayan calendar and the significance of 2012.

There are many assumptions and a few are at least partially right. Some are completely wrong.

This has been designated as a time of true reflection. The future is up to you. There have been many sources of guidance up to this point but now this is truly a time for self-direction.

The world is not ending. There will be no catastrophic floods or famines. The course of the world is just the same as it has been up to this point. The FUTURE is up to you.

Global warming has not been reversed thus far. No one nation or culture has done enough to alter this course of global change.

There has also been no great change in money policies across the globe. The manipulators of money are just going to go further underground in attempt to avoid detection. 

The Green Movement has made some progress but the benefits have not outweighed the damage, yet.

Political Reform has not made any impact, yet. We will see how many changes are instituted by politicians after the next election. The people of your country will be expected to make better decisions about their elected officials. Changes will happen more slowly than anticipated. Broad sweeping political changes are not in your near future. 

Many animal species will become extinct. Some will rebound but this will not balance those lost.

Water sources are being altered by ground chemicals and earth changes. There are scientists who have offered their research about this but the greater public has not been made aware of it yet.

Foods will continue to be genetically mutated and this will lead to more gastrointestinal problems in humans and animals alike. There will be a greater occurrence of bowel polyps, cancers and chronic digestion problems. Nutrition will falter greatly and more children will show signs of digestion and growth problems.

Animals will be bred for ultra-specific purposes and they will lose any unique characteristics and food from their being will lack nutrition.

The impact of unaccounted chemicals being released into the atmosphere will cause breathing and lung health problems to humans of all ages. You will see more of this in the areas of the globe which have a more depleted ozone layer. This negative impact will spread out until the greater public becomes more aware of it. 

Industries in all nations will resist efforts to curtail waste and the release of damaging chemicals. Politicians will support them because of the current barter system between politicians and big industry. Regulation of waste will be far off into the future and people of all countries will be highly frustrated by this.

The soil will need some type of filtering system in order to produce food products which are not contaminated with chemicals. Ground water will also need filtering.

Fish and wildlife will experience damaging mutations, some of which we are already seeing. The nutritive value of these food sources will become hazardous for human consumption.

The emergence of treatment resistive diseases will rise. Science will address these mutations but many people will suffer from these illnesses before treatment responses are developed.

What seems to be the trend is that humans are moving rapidly toward turning all plant and animal food sources into chemically engineered products. Food, air and water will be tainted with run off, ground or aerated chemicals. 

Science will be able to respond to these changes but the process will take you further away from being natural and unaltered.

Does all of this make sense that you are now independently forging your own future? 2012 is a time of great change and upheaval. You have much to be accountable for. Will you continue upon this path or will you cause reform?

2012 is the beginning of time when the human being is left to your own devices. We have taught and tended to you for many generations and now you are on a path of self-direction.

There is a vast amount of Divine Energy being sent to your dimension. Do with it what you will. We love you and hope for your survival but there are many avenues of self-destruction that you have set into motion.

Come back home. Return to nature and to wholesome things. Undo many years of waste and resource depletion. See the error of your ways and make your life one of service to God, as it should be.

All of My Love,


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  • Neale Daniel  On January 2, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Hi, There is a further dimension to these outcomes and that is the evolution of the Earth as a soul and all the nature spirits who are in this game with us. We become very focused upon ourselves and tend to forget that this is a team effort. As part of my personal evolution, I am learning to work with nature spirits, re-establishing a long lost relationship. The forces of nature are so great that we can clean up this mess together.
    One Love

    • wellspring0fgodslove  On January 9, 2012 at 2:44 pm

      I am not so steadfast. I keep getting off track with material desires!
      It is as if I have to keep learning the same lessons all over again. What a waste.
      I hope to find my way and stick to it.
      Having a loving connection to nature is paramount to my healing.I envy you for your initiative to connect with nature spirits. I have much to learn in this area.
      I agree that with may work with nature to heal and prosper.

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