We Join Together, Evelyn

Welcome travellers of this new world. I am Evelyn. I have lived on your earth many years ago. I was known to many as a great spiritual leader and I come to you to teach much of what I have learned.

This medium is new to me. She wants to promote her works to others in this new world of blogging and I will assist her in doing this. This is an unfamiliar format for me but I understand that the times have changed. I sense many great minds have connected to us in this venue. I look forward to meeting your needs for new knowledge.

As she has stated, I am very strong and steadfast in my manner. I will teach you many things with no distraction. For many of you familiar in the spiritual sense of this world, you may have expected me. Some of you may have tired in waiting but I assure you I am here and we will progress together.

I am the teacher that many of you have anticipated. After we get to know each other you may want to share my teachings with others in your life. If you want specific direction please feel free to leave a comment and I will give you further direction. I expect many of you wonder about money and business. More still are concerned about politics and most of you are concerned about Mother Earth.

I agree with you about all of these things but we will look even further into what you are experiencing and what you need to learn during this earth life.  

Today I will tell you that this man, Obama, will be given one more chance to make your lives better. He is a smart man with good intentions but he became lost on his way to reform your country. You may not wish to support him but in the very least I ask you to allow him to lead.

The next great leader for your country will be unconventional, to say the least. You have been prepared by having a black man elected but this next leader will test your boundaries even further. It will be quite an exciting time for all!

The big topic of the month will be 2012. We will speak on this tomorrow. 

I may reach out to you through this port. Feel my strength and my earnestness. We have much to speak about and I look forward to our next meeting.

My regards,


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  • passionfortruths  On January 7, 2012 at 4:02 am

    Obama is indeed different. So different from Bush. It was revealed in channelings that he is an Indigo. 🙂

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