What a Special Time!

There are many holidays and special occasions celebrated at this time of year. What is evident is that we all celebrate some type of blessing or spiritual awakening. We are motivated by legend, the winter solstice, or significant events that happened in history.

Who is to say what the best religious or spiritual celebration is? It is a wonderful time to celebrate all of our traditions! Every holiday deserves respect and appreciation.

This is a time of year when many hearts turn to love, gratitude and faith. We give gifts or have observances. What is most special is that we all feel the love for ourselves and others.

We may immerse ourselves in the good vibrations. If we don’t focus on what we may find irritating (ie carols, decorations, donation seeking organizations, the religious practices of other cultures…) there is great joy and abundance all around us!

Let your reservations go! Accept that everyone has their own special way to enjoy this holiday season and focus more on what our celebrations represent. Tolerance is divine.

Give yourself the gift of appreciation of how diverse we humans are! We are all a small part of a quilt of many colors and textures. Please don’t shun this quilt but accept it for its own unique qualities. Feel the warmth and love it holds.

There is great love for you here, now, and forever. 

We are one,

Makah Win


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