Love Has It’s Own Place

The door to God’s house is always open. We need to peek inside and see what wonders exist there.

There are boundless amounts of rooms to suit everyone’s taste. We all will easily find one where we are content and at ease. We will recognize “home” immediately.

There are many places to sit and become familiar with those whom we share values and ideals. We know there is a place for everyone in this home. Our family and friends may not be in this particular room but they have a room of their own to find comfort in.

How do we build this welcoming palace here on earth? What is the process? Who has the plans?

Each of us may build our own room, one at a time. Then we will invite others of like-mind to enter and be welcome. There is no pressure. No deadline to meet. We all gather together as one and share our hearts with each other.

Make your place just as I will make mine. The doors are always open and people may seek where they are most comfortable. Each room will be populated according to the beliefs and desires of those within.

Comfort, communion, guidance are all served in heaping helpings. Enjoy! 

All My Love,

Makah Win

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