We ARE The Change We Seek

Where has the time gone? We are almost to the threshold of 2012. Where have our travels taken us in this past year? Who is in? Who is out?

Many political leaders have been jettisoned out of office. There has been scandal and wrongdoing. Some leaders have stepped aside rather than be tried in the court of public opinion.

So far we have seen some truly refreshing faces emerge from the sidelines. Who do we trust? Who has our best interest in mind? Who is out to make a quick buck or manipulate the masses? 

We have seen some long standing politicians exposed for their self-serving ways. They have never been questioned about so many things and yet there are still secrets well hidden. Every new revelation is unheard of, or unequaled, until we hear the next revelation!

There are so many places to hide aren’t there? Do politicians even know all of their own secrets? Likely not. Full disclosure may very well be political suicide.

Is the Occupy Movement making any changes for the better? How is the Tea Party doing? What radical movements have we not even heard of yet?

The intentions are grand but the follow through may be somewhat lacking. We must continue to try. It would be in our best interest to elect a more progressive and forward thinking politician AND keep track of what he or she does after the election also. No one should be left unchecked. Not even leaders with religious backgrounds. Every political leader should be accountable for every decision made.

We know very well that people who back candidates with influence or money expect to be repaid once the individual is in office. Somebody always owes someone. How many backroom deals have been made throughout our political history? Multitudes? Is there a way to reform this common practise? Perhaps not. The elected official may not remain office unless those dues are paid. There may be no hope of re-election if backers bail out.

Where do we go if our own political system isn’t salvageable? Back to the basics. Leaders need to be accountable to the constituents. Keep making positive and reforming votes or be replaced. Accountability in all areas of government including taxpayer money spent on offices, supplies, travel, housing…Full disclosure.

We support people who support us. This may take some time to achieve but it would be worth the effort. From there we could expand this practise to include big business and big banks.

The possibilities are endless. If we all gathered our attention we could make giant leaps in reform. Our goal would be a government by the people and for the people. The masses caring for the individual.

Should we try? Yes, definitely. May we pray for help? Of course. May we follow the guidance of God? Yes, for certain.

Let us raise up the homeless, the people without healthcare, the hungry, and the unemployed. Make this one nation under God.

We ARE Divine and we care deeply for our families across the nation. We will make it better.


Makah Win

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