Remember Someone Special

Let the holiday blues sing a different song this year!

We all feel saddened about loved ones who are no longer here during the holidays. Some of our most special remembrances are of holiday celebrations. We have favorite stories about family during these special times.

There is no need to be sad. Our loved ones are in perfect health right now. They dwell within the Light of God and move effortlessly about. They have made many trips back to this earth plane to visit us and this may probably be one of the most special times they reappear.

There are no tears of sadness, rather, there may be tears of joy. We miss them but we have not gone for very long without them. Even the most defiant non-believers have considered that there may be more than just this one life.

Gather together and celebrate our lives and loves. Remember fondly those who have crossed over. Join in and repeat your favorite stories and share special memories.

Set out some pictures or trinkets that bring out your love for someone. Have a meal in their honor. Listen to favorite songs or sing carols or other songs that have special significance. Speak out loud to them as if they are right there beside you.

We are the ones in a place of potential suffering. Your love ones passed are not. They know love, light, forgiveness and profound healing. How beautiful is this? Take comfort in your connection with ALL of your loved ones and make this season one of great honor and thanks.

We never spend any moment alone. We have spirit guides, angels, loved ones passed and God surrounding us at all times. Take comfort in this.

Spread the joy and love in this holiday season and remember all of the many things in which you take comfort.

Celebrate with God in your heart.


Makah Win

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