Barriers to Communication

We all have topics we do not want to discuss or meetings that we do not want to attend. Some of us skip all of the funerals no matter how close the person was to us.


We block some communication because we either don’t enjoy speaking on the topic or the conversation causes us to be uncomfortable. We lack confidence in some areas or we dislike certain people.

Are we limiting our own life-experiences by avoiding such things? Yes.

It is like getting only part of the story or half of the experience. We limit our emotional growth by keeping some things off the table.

We are forgetting once again that we are God and we are Divine. We’re behaving as if we are isolated beings without a connection to God and the Universe. How much experience have we swept off of the table because of our reaction to certain events? Too much.

We are here to learn and to grow. Experience; is part of the journey. Maturation involves being confident and accountable. It includes walking into places where we would rather not go and speaking of things we would rather not speak of.

Try carefully to not cut off half of your life experiences. Walk directly into those places of uncertainty and insecurity. Face your discomfort and experience spiritual growth because of it.

These are small stepping-stones but when you look at the much larger picture of your life, these stones blend to form a path! A spiritual path! Don’t miss part of it. Enjoy all that you have come here to experience!

When it is time for you to go back home you’ll realize that your life experience was much more fulfilling because you allowed your expansion to include some uncomfortable situations. What have you missed by living your cookie-cutter life?

Enjoy, experience, love, laugh and appreciate what this earth life has to offer. There are gems of spiritual growth in some interesting places. Please allow God to bring to you all of the emotions and intentions that you came here to find.

Go with God, always.

Makah Win

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  • wellspring0fgodslove  On January 9, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    I am excited for this new direction that I am following.
    I am so happy that you find it helpful also.

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