10 Gifts We Know

Ten gifts we know come from God.

1. Life. Living, breathing, laughing and crying. We are God incarnate and we learn and grow in the name of God.

2. Love. We love ourselves and those around us. This by far is God’s greatest gift, for through this, we know God himself.

3. Charity. We give when we have more than enough. We give to share. We give to express our thanks to our Creator. Through our shared heart we give to those in need.

4. Solitude. We offer our thoughts and our desires to God directly. Only God knows our true heart and mind for we only share part of our true spirit with those who are not God.

5. Faith. We spread the Word to those we know dearly and to those we do not know at all. Faith, spirit and communion must all be shared. We are never alone in our faith

6. Well-being. We are given a taste of true health and vitality so we may know when we are out of alignment with our true being. Without wellness we would not know illness.

7. Prosperity. We are given the fruits of our labor so we may know success and material comfort. Flowing from this we may know charity and community.

8. Romantic love. We are kindred spirits with hearts and desires. We come together in pairs to live, prosper, and procreate. A family is the beginning of true success in our earth plane.

9. Jesus. This gift was the most profound and meaningful of all gifts bestowed upon us. Through this gift we may know, first-hand, many of the wonders of God. Some of which is love, communion, growth, charity, faith and absolution. The gifts of God through Jesus are never-ending and all-encompassing.

10. God Himself. Without our Creator we would not know life. We are intent upon our missions of growth, love and maturation. We came from God and will return to God. There is no human life without Him.

These gifts are presented to us throughout the year. This holiday season is but a drop in the spring of God’s best intentions for us.

Know these gifts throughout our time here on earth, for when you know God you know life everlasting!


Makah Win

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