Love is a long-lasting bond. We have grown too accustomed to wanting everything for ourselves. We have stopped considering what our needs and actions will do to those around us.

Love God above all others. Love thyself. Love your family and friends. This is not a recipe for self-serving greed. Give to others and not be pressured to receive something in return. Just let it go.

There have been suggestions to those seeking a more spiritual life to give to others and do it anonymously. Don’t expect a response or a reaction. Give because your heart tells you to give. Do not listen to your ego.

Would you be able to do this? Have you ever tried? Where would you like to start? There are so many things to consider. What ever you choose to do does not have to be expensive. It can even be donations to charitable organizations of your items or clothing that you no longer need or use. Someone may need exactly what you have too many or too much of.

Allow this holiday season to speak to your heart about charity, then carry it on past this season to include the whole year. Small donations or gifts are fine because it truly is the thought that counts. Give of yourself. Offer a helping hand. Be at peace with who you have always intended yourself to be.

Go with God,

 Makah Win

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