Are We Becoming Enlightened?

Gratitude is catching on.

There are many people being drawn to others of like-mind. We find comfort and solace among those who share our perspective.

Do you seek out the complaining busy-bodies or do you seek out the propagators of gratitude? Are certain people rubbing you the wrong way recently? Does complaining seem to be a waste of your time?

Even the Occupy Protesters are directing their energy to making changes NOT just complaining.

Why is everything so different lately? It is because we have received a large influx of Divine Energy. Remember the dramatic tales of 11-11-11? This is the energy that we now sense and people are deciding to make positive changes or perpetuate negative changes.

It is as if we were bed-ridden and listless for many days and then we were given a clean bill of health instantly. This wave of Divine Energy was gifted to us but what did we do with it? Hopefully, we have made life better and more meaningful for ourselves and for others.

Did we know what this energy was for or did we experience it and react in some way to make use of it? Both! Those of us who seek enlightenment may have been aware of this coming energy tide. Others who are not in these circles may not have been aware and used this energy for other purposes.

This also makes sense. This is a progression of enlightenment. The next wave of energy will come with more and more people aware of it and so on… It is a gathering of souls. Our global spirituality will gain strength and force with each influx of Divine Energy.

Literally, it is a time to spread the word. Bring others to your same realization. Grow and heal with each wave. Those you bring will then bring more people of their own.

There is a meaning to our life here on earth. We are intended to learn, grow, mature and become enlightened. None of us have just this one life. It is a progression of learning over ions of time. Make this one life as special as possible. Think of love and hope. Spread good fortune to others in your life. Make this the point at which you make the most profound changes for the better and be in the best possible situation when the next wave of Divine Energy descends upon us.

Life gets better and more fulfilling over time. See povertyand illness as opportunities to learn and evolve. Embrace God and make each day more special and fulfilled. 

Be aware. Be open. Be loving. Be ready!

All my love,

Makah Win

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