Emotional and Financial Security

Everlasting grace.

There are many signs that are becoming more obvious each day. We often look to the political unrest and see our own country’s turmoil reflected back to us. We are unsure of our leadership. We are certainly in financial turmoil. There are so many signs of unrest that we may feel more insecure about our own circumstances.

Please don’t be afraid to gather your life circumstances together and view all of it objectively. How are you really doing? Where are your needs being met and where are the holes in your feelings of security?

Manage your money and time more effectively. Budget and share your excess with friends and family. Time spent with loved ones may be enormously more valuable than money or gifts.

Spend within your means this holiday season. Don’t go overboard on gifts AND don’t expect others to spend too much on you. Balance is required. Be thoughtful and caring. Teach your children/grandchildren that this is a time of financial restraint. Prioritize what is important for them to have and what may be done without.

Financial responsibility must begin at home. Be a good role model. Make an obvious shift from volunteering your time instead of money. Share your financial success if at all possible but please do not cause your expenses to override your income.

“Blessings to All.” The best news this holiday season is that blessings are free!

There will be much more information being sent to you about your political and financial circumstances. Take your time when choosing your leaders and always seek the best place for you to spend/save/invest your income. This may take some investigation and research but your personal and financial security are very important.

All My Love,

Makah Win

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