It is Ok to Seek Those of Like Mind

Love is always the answer. Have we grown so far apart from those in our lives that we don’t need anyone, ever? We sometimes have the urge to push everyone away. We often think that some people are too much trouble to keep around.

Why? What has changed? Have we grown more  mature than some of the people in our circle of friends? Why are we less tolerant?

As we age we filter out some things that we like, sort of like, and seriously don’t like. We know what we want by learning what we don’t want. It is a process of selection. We fine tune our lives as we age and become more mature.

This isn’t a bad thing. The friends you have left behind will make new friends. You will also make new friends. After time you may want to make more changes.

Do not feel bad about this. Hopefully, others will allow you to step back gracefully. Some people may not, and will be angry and hurt by your departure. That is Ok too.

Surround yourself with love and laughter. Associating with people of like minds will be very refreshing. You may keep in touch with others that no longer meet your emotional needs. It really dosn’t have to be all or nothing. Find a comfortable balance.

The beauty of your life could be to have happy, peaceful realtionships with everyone. Find chat groups or bloggers who share your interests. Search out meetings or support groups. Join a group that focuses on religion and spirituality. Even a book club or yoga class.

Continue to nurture your mind. Don’t stop evolving because of the people that you associate with. The only requirement is to keep it positive. It will not help your perspective to find others who complain about the same things as you. Be sure to avoid that temptation.

Seek a positive outlook and boundless positive energy. Bring only light into your current circumstances. Lay waste to any darkness that you or another would seek to bring into your life. Be vigilent about this.

Find love, find light, find forgiveness and hope. Work to make your life better and let no one challenge your resolution. Find that balance and thrive!

With Love Everlasting,

Makah Win

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  • Connie Wayne  On December 6, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Thanks for putting your positive words out into a universe that is filled with so much negativity. I have been doing exactly as you said in this article. I am currently writing articles about hope, and I have been looking at sites such as yours who are spreading a positive message of love, hope, and peace. May you be blessed as you continue your efforts and draw from the wellspring of God’s love.

    • wellspring0fgodslove  On December 7, 2011 at 2:11 pm

      Thank you! Does it do any good to bash everything? No.
      I’d rather be a part of the solution, NOT a part of the problem.

      Thank you for your personal effort to bring more light into the world.

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